Picture the scene. Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, and Bobo the Chimpanzee, are all sitting down around a table, located in one of the many-many offices situated in 1700 Broadway, New York, New York. Now at first everything seems to be going well between these three humanoids. Topics are discussed. Points are raised. And all in all -- yeah -- you name it, it's all coming out shipshape and Bristol fashion. When suddenly...

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DAN: Now you say that about my Mother again, you ugly looking schmuck, and I'll feed you to Scott Lobdell, got it?
BOBO: Eeek-Ekk. Oock-Ock
DAN: OK. Apology accepted. Anyway Geoff, you were saying?
GEOFF: I think we need another major event, good sir. Just to coalesce our range of titles more than they currently are.
DAN: Yeah. I suppose that makes some sort of a sense. Whatever it is you said. But what type of event? We've already done a zero month and a cosmic opus. What we we need now is to come up with something original and new!
BOBO: Oook-Ooook!
DAN: No. No more crossovers with the word 'Crisis' in its title.
BOBO: Nook-Nook!
GEOFF: 'Monkey Month', Bobo? Nah! That would never work.
DAN: Wait a minute?
GEOFF: Yeah.
DAN: I got something.
GEOFF: What?
DAN: Hair in my teeth. Damn you Bobo. I told you to groom before coming into work.
BOBO: Eeek!
DAN: OK. Once again, apology accepted.
GEOFF: Hey! What about a month where all of the heroes swap genders? You know. We could have Batman become Batwoman. Superman become Supergirl. Wonder Woman become Wonder Man, and...
DAN: Hold it right there, Geoff. We can't have that last one. Marvel, remember?
BOBO: Blrrrr-Ga-Ga!
DAN: Huh? 'Wonder Male'? That sounds like a courier service to me!
BOBO: Eek-Gog!
DAN: Hey! I said no more 'Crisis'.
BOBO: Agga-Brrrrrr!
GEOFF: Or alternate reality universes.
BOBO: Noook!
DAN: Or reboots.
BOBO: Nik-Nik!
DAN: Don't you dare! I've already warned you about referring to my Mother in that way. Leave her be!
BOBO: Nigi-Vig-Zig! Okk-Okk!
GEOFF: Oh! I get it now. You're mistaken, Mister Dan. Bobo wasn't talking about your Mother at all. He was saying the word 'Villain' not 'Vivian'. Vivian being your Mother's name of course. Boy! That dutch accent of yours is really difficult to understand at times, Bobo.
BOBO: Burp!!
DAN: So what you were trying to say is that we should have a month dedicated to all the Villain without screwing them over?
BOBO: Eeek!
GEOFF: Yeah. That's a pretty good idea. We can have every title focusing on one of the many rogues roaming around the DCNu. Swapping them with the heroes they usually fight.
BOBO: Oik!
GEOFF: Wow! You're really on fire now! I would never have thought about instigating this event with the fall of the Justice League, garnishing it with 3D covers, obscure creators, and anything else we can think of that'll earn us some extra cash.
DAN: Sniff-Sniff! Did you let one go, Bobo?
BOBO: Oook!
GEOFF: What did you say about my Mother?

[ Fade Out -- Crossover Created ]

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