Dairy Boy Comics - Austin's Inferno Over a year ago I spoke to my good mate Austin, about his great online comic book, entitled, 'Dairy Boy Comics'. Today we're at it again, folks. So sit back, relax, have a taco, and chow down on this smashing tete-a-tete we both had only the other day, whilst milking a herd of albino cows in a nunnery. Trust me. This is truly a religious experience indeed.

Ninja Velociraptor 1) For those of you who haven't read our last interview together (click on like below), please give us a brief rundown on who you are and what ‘Dairy Boy Comics’ is all about, Austin?   I'm a video game enthusiast, a lover of tacos, an occasional ninja, and I'm terrified of velociraptors. Some people say ninjas can't be afraid but they're wrong. Ninjas are afraid of velociraptors. Because velociraptors are clearly better.

Dairy Boy Comics is my website. I plan for it to be my eventual 'hub' for many of my insane projects, but my main focus right now is my webcomic "Austin's Inferno"!

"Austin's Inferno" is about a gamer's life in high school and all the twists and turns and explosions and murderous fan boys and conspiring shadow people and cybernetic tyrannosaurus rexes that come with it.

2) In your own opinion, how much have you and your site improved since last we spoke?   I'm not where I'd like to be and I have a ton of work to do, but I'm happy to say there was a major visual improvement. Comparing the old art style to the new one makes me ashamed that I ever drew my characters the way I did.

Dairy Boy Comics - Austin's Inferno

3) Let’s have the music question again. What theme tune taken from pop culture would you assign to your site?   I can't say that this answer has changed. John Mayer's 'No Such Thing'. I even did a music video for my flash animation school project using that song. The project was meant to be an opening to my series, if it ever had a TV show. The animation sucked and the upload quality came out bad. Yet no other song seems right to be the theme song to my characters and their adventures.

Katy Perry
4) If you could get any celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your site, who would it be and why?   Someone said awhile ago that my comics were like Peanuts. Like a PG-13 Peanuts about high school. I'm not sure if their creator, Charles Schulz, would promote them, but his opinion on them would mean a lot!

And Katy Perry. Because its Katy Perry. Reasons need not apply.

5) In roll-call fashion, who have you based your cast of characters on?   OK. Ah-hum. To begin...
  • Austin is, surprise surprise, based on myself. Or how I saw myself back in high school: naive, untalented, naked more often than is legally recommended. I've done a lot of growing up though. Now I'm not really as naked as often, sometimes. Usually. I promise I'm wearing pants right now.
  • Bryan is based on my friend in high school who loved gaming as much as I did! Taking from the playbook of comics such as CAD or Penny Arcade, I figured the dorky gaming protagonist needed a less dorky gaming best friend, so I figured my less dorky best friend from high school fit that better than anything. He also convinced me to do the webcomic, so you can blame him.
  • Alberto was my friend who introduced me to metal music and was editor-in-chief during a time I worked on the school paper.
  • Tony also worked on the paper and got into shaping my development as an inevitable webcomic artist as Bryan did.
  • Jacob is based on one of my football teammates. There was definitely a lot of competition but don't worry, he's actually a cool guy. The comic character is an ass specifically for storytelling purposes.
  • Christian is based on another friend on the paper. Pretty dorky, like myself, but he never actually wore socks with sandals. I've worn socks with sandals before though.
  • Ashlee is based on a friend of mine on the cheer squad. She wasn't actually that tall, but that didn't stop most of us from picking on her, haha! You can see that reflected in the comics themselves.
  • Tori was based on my friend who, for some reason, ended up having her character be a target for my character's destructive habits. Every time I drew her, she was enduring some sort of pain.
  • Mrs. Rich is based on our newspaper and yearbook adviser. Pretty much 95% of the time, we'd put off work until the last minute and she would do it all for us. I'm pretty sure we drove her insane. We put out one paper a month, and despite having a month to have a comic done, I'd always wait until the last two days to script, draw, ink and upload to InDesign. Kinda funny to think about now that I'm making three comics a week.

There's so many more, some based on real peeps, others entirely fiction, or just half fictional. The best part about all this is regardless of what inspired the characters, they've really all grown with the story and are characters all their own.

Charles Schulz
6) Last time you told me how much Jim David inspired you to create ‘Austin's Inferno’, who else would you add to the list?   Charles Schulz as I mentioned earlier. Steven Pastis and his "Pearls Before Swing" is another newspaper comic who has had an effect on my development as an artist. In the realm of web-comics, I've definitely gotta say Tim Buckley of "Ctrl+Alt+Del" and Jeph Jacques of "Questionable Content" inspired much of my story telling style as they are both comics I read when looking for inspiration before launching my webcomic.

Dairy Boy Comics - Austin
7) Realistically speaking, where would you like to see yourself and your site in five years time?   We all have goals and things we would like to see happen! haha but realistically as you say? I just want more readers. I want to make people laugh. I want a total stranger who lives thousands of miles away to go to my site looking forward to the next comic. In five years, I hope that that's more than accomplished, and I can move on to new goals and challenges.

8) If your site had a motto, what would it be?   This end up.

Ha! Nice one, buddy Austin. So there you have it, folks, once again my great mate and his website, 'Dairy Boy Comics'. When you have the time please do the honors, OK? Plus don't forget to do the face-face / tweet-tweet thing too.

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