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The Final 24 - David Koresh Cover There have been many-many famous people born in Houston, Texas, such as Hilary Duff, Patrick Swayze, Wes Anderson, Shannon Elizabeth, and Jennifer Garner. Oh! One minute! I almost forgot to mention somebody else. There's also that cult leader seen in this 45 minute documentary made in 2004. You know, that nutty and suicidal one.

Koresh, David - Final 24: His Final Hours

In this very biblical slanted installment of 'The Final 24', we are presents with the somewhat hellish life and times of the self made messiah, David Koresh.

Now to aide this program highlight its findings, it displays a number of archived-images, re-enactments, video-clips, and one on one interview's with people who knew about this man's life. Such as: Two FBI Negotiators: Byron Sage and Clint Van Zandt. The Author: Dick J Reavis. Plus David's Mother: Bonnie Haldeman; with some of his followers: Clive Doyle, Sheila Martin, David Thibodeau, Dana Okimoto, and Graham Craddock.

What now follows is a basic overlay of how this program plays out:

  • STRUGGLING TO SEE THE LIGHT: All in all I would say that David Koresh's early life was a very bi-polar experience indeed. On the one hand, he was neglected by his own bio-logical father, whilst being teased at school by his class-mates and abused by one of his mother's husbands. Whilst, on the other hand, David did find some comfort in the care of his grandmother, plus his passion for rock-music, studying the bible, and listening to numerous preacher's upon the radio.    
  • FROM ONE FAMILY TO ANOTHER: When David got his girlfriend pregnant, you would have thought that this event would've been good for him, right? But no. It wasn't. He was only nineteen at the time and she was only fourteen, and this youthful union resulted in him seeking sanctuary at the Mount Carmel Center, within a religious sect called The 'Seventh-day Adventist Church'.
  • RIOTOUS RELIGION: At first, David's time with the SDAC was a very productive one by nature. Most of the parishioners held what he had to say in high regard, and he proved himself to be a very spiritual man in the eye's of their leader, Lois Roden. However, after he began a relationship with Lois -- who was considerably older than he was -- as well as forming another relationship with another influential member of this church -- the 14 year old, Rachel Jones -- Lois's son, George, felt very threatened by David's presence, and forced him to brake away with a small army of followers. But still. This didn't last for very long. Oh no. Over time this splinter-group would return more powerful, more dedicated, and more driven than ever before. And eventually they would re-christen themselves as 'The Davidsons'.    
  • THE FINAL 24: The final day of David Koresh plays out as follows. (4) After spending 50 days in a stand-off with the FBI, a wounded David Koresh decides to stall the authorities by deciphering some religious scriptures, whilst they bombard his compound with sonic pressure. (3) Later in the day, David makes a video of his findings and then sends it to the FBI. (2) The following morning, the authorities step up their game by bombarding 'The Davidsons' H.Q. with tear gas, with the hope that they would release their children in the process. (1) Yet they don't. Someone within this religious sect starts a fire within their abode. Nine live. Seventy-Nine die. One of then being David Koresh. Bang! With a bullet in the head.

My God! After watching this episode of 'The Final 24', a part of me is just amazed at how a power crazed nut job like David Koresh, was able to make so many people believe him just because of... of... of... errr... see what I mean?

David Koresh
Listen. Don't get me wrong, dear reader. From time to time I know that faith and all of that jazz can be a good thing. In fact, in the past I have seen some very religious people do some very amazing things for both man and woman kind. But let's face it. Would you follow someone who has had sex with teenagers, buy's guns for profit, and then forces those who follow him, to discipline their kin with a wooden stick?

I mean, what a bunch of f*cking nutters! I just can't understand the mentality of some people. It's as though they blind themselves so much with religious fervor, that they think that what they are doing is good, no matter how bad it truly is. Furthermore, why join up with such a person in the first place? Is it mental? Is it visceral? Or it is something as perverse as sexual? 

The Waco Disaster At The Davidsons Ranch

David Koresh Time Magazine
Wait a minute. I think it best if I calm myself down for a moment, by presenting to you these Koresh facts. (1) David Koresh was born on the same day that the American novelist, Jonathan Franzen, was born -- the 17th of August, 1959. Moreover, he died on the same day that the governor of South Dakota, George Mickelson, perished with seven other people in a plane crash -- the 19th of April, 1993. (2) Originally David's name was Vernon Wayne Howell. He decided to change it to David for 'publicity, and business purposes'. (3) Although he never met his real father, amidst the 'Davidson debacle', Koresh admitted that he was the 'father' of twelve children, some of which had 'mothers' as young as thirteen years old. (4) Allegedly David’s right-hand man, Steve Schneider, is said to have shot David and committed suicide with exactly the same gun he used. (5) David usurped leadership from the former leader of the 'Seventh-day Adventists', George Roden, when George killed a fellow member with an ax-blow to the head. (6) David's single parent mother, Bonnie Clark Haldeman, was stabbed to death on the 23rd of January, 2009, in Chandler, Texas, by her sister, Beverly Clark. (7) For a couple of years David was a member of a band. And after the Waco incident, several of his albums were released, including: 'David Koresh: Voice of Fire'; and 'Waco: Playing with Fire'. (8) Sometime in 2004, Koresh’s 1968 damaged Camaro was sold at an auction for $37,000 dollars.

The Sinful Messiah David Koresh

Alright. So where was I? Oh yeah. This episode of 'The Final 24'. An episode that has moved me so much, a part of me doesn't really know what that f*ck I should be writing here.

Well, should it be about how I see David Koresh as a person? Nah. I think you know what I feel about this dirty bag already. Or better yet, why not something about his followers perhaps? Nah. See previous answer. OK then. So what about how the police handled themselves at Waco? Or how society can prevent something like this from happening again?

David Koresh ChurchYeah. That sounds possible.

Now where the police are concerned, I suppose they could only do so much with the resources they had at the time. Admittedly, with the benefit of hindsight, you could say that they should have sent someone in to penetrate the 'Davidsons' beforehand, just to assess the situation a bit better. But apart from that though -- ouch -- this is a very difficult one to call.

In the case of preventing another David Koresh, however, what else can I say except that society has to take note of this disaster, and take heed in how gullible people need guidance to shy away from false profits!

Well, no man or woman is without sin you know. That's a given. Yet to sin against others is never justifiable just for the sake of furtherance, or the token of a self made cause.

And with that, dear reader, I'm out of here. Great documentary. Nuff said. 


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