Sexy Wonder Woman I'm sure some of you out there in 'comic book land' have often wondered what hero is hot, and what hero is not. Well, there is no need to wonder anymore, my friends. For no apparent reason whatsoever, I have come up with my top ten list of sexiest superheroes of the modern age. Here. Check this out when you're not browsing for porn...

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10) Green Lantern - Well, he's already got a ring on his finger, so at least he's got something precious to bring to the table. Right, ladies?
9) Doctor Strange - Look. The word 'doctor' is in his name. So what more do you need to know?
8) Captain Marvel - Sad. But true. All some women really want is a small boy in a buff man's body. 
7) Mister Fantastic - Hey! He can stretch any of his organs -- and I mean any of his organs -- and that's a good thing in anybodies book.
6) Wolverine - He's Canadian. Plus he's very good at growling. 'GRRRR!'. See?
5) Spiderman - It's a little known fact that this amazing funnyman will swing both ways only during a time of crisis.
4) Thor - Part God. Part hippy. And part male stripper. Say no more.
3) Daredevil - Alright. So maybe he can't drive a fast car or fly a speedy airplane. However, what he can do, is feel his way around in the dark, and represent you in a court of law.
2) Superman - For those of you who want to literally feel the Earth move, look no further than this man of... coff-coff... steel.
1) Batman - He's tall. He's dark. He's handsome. And most importantly of them all, he's stinking rich!

  Daredevil Kissing ElectraSuperman Kissing Wonder Woman Spiderman with Black Cat and Bondage

Anne As Catwoman

10) The Invisible Woman - She's there when you want her to be, and she isn't there when you don't. Hmm. To yours truly she sounds pretty ideal. Huh?
9) Harley Quinn - Wowzer!!!! Now this gal is for those crazy cats that dig pale faced Goth chicks.
8) Emma Frost - Frosty in the wardrobe department, yet very hot in the bedroom department. Hint-Hint!
7) Wonder Girl - Girl by name. Wonderful by nature.
6) Electra - She's Greek. So at least you know she can cook you a pretty decent meal.
5) Kori - Orange skin and green eyes may not sound like the perfect color combination. But my God!!! Those t*ts!!!
4) Supergirl - See the following answer, and then subtract it by two.
3) Wonder Woman - Do I have to write anything here?
2) Powergirl - See the previous answer, then double it by fffwoohhhhrrrrr!!
1) Catwoman - Mama-Mia!!! She's wrapped up in a PVC cat-suit and carrying a whip. May God have mercy on my soul.

Powergirl Supergirl Sexy Kori Starfire Sexy  Emma Frost Sexy

So what do you think about that, folks? Do you agree with me? Do you think I'm talking crap? Or are you somewhere neither here nor there? Well, whatever the case may be, let me know, will you? It'll be great to read what you have to say. - Shop Now!