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Casino Royale Movies are a popular source of entertainment and a powerful medium to educate people. The visual scenes seen in movies reflect cultures and in effect change or influence them. Although movies are basically a form of entertainment, they have been used for social enlightenment as they serve as a strong means of communication. In fact, there are movies that are specially created not only to entertain people, but to tell them stories with strong calls for social actions and were made to attract attention towards certain advocacies or beliefs and certain popular cultures such as casino and gambling.

Take www.gamevillage.com for example. This on-line gambling website is one of those sites that -- like movies -- is a form of entertainment that is both expansive in tone, and popular by default. 

Roulette Many of these casino movies were able to capture casino and the gambling culture by way of using the casino as a backdrop of the movie or as the theme in itself. Because of these movies, people were able to take a close up look at what is happening inside a casino house. People were mesmerized seeing casino stuff like poker tables, slots machines, and blackjack, craps, and Roulette tables. But, more than seeing casino stuff, casino movies are wrapped with good acting and spunky and witty dialogue spoken by popular actors.

Here are a few of the movies and why a particular casino scene had made people remember it for a long time.

Rain Man Casino Scene
Rain Man - This is a movie where Tom Cruise and Dustin Hofmann played as brothers. Hofmann played as an autistic man whose life and future lies in the hand of his half-brother played by Tom Cruise. Although the movie only used casino as its backdrop, the scene where Dustin Hofmann counts the cards at the blackjack table is such an endearing scene that made people love this great actor. The casino scenes are shot at Caesar's Palace, one of the grandest casino houses in the world.

The Grand - The movie has casino and gambling as its main theme and it used characters to depict casino people and on how casino can be a matter of life and death to them. The movie has scenes where online casino sites were introduced, as the main characters in the movie were able to win chances to compete in a poker tournament,

Ocean’s Eleven
Ocean’s Eleven - This is a hit casino comedy film where big names like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon and others act as casino con men out to rob a casino house. The whole film is filled with actions and hilarious dialogue but the scenes where big TV stars show up as casino players as being taught how to play poker by Rusty.

Casino Royale - This is a James Bond movie having casino for a backdrop. Besides the hair-raising chase scenes, the scene where Bond plays Texas Holde'm is perhaps one of the best poker scenes ever in a movie.

Casino, Casino Scene
Casino - A movie that does not only has casino as backdrop but an integral part of the story. One of the best scenes here is the scene where a poker player who puts his foot on the Poker table and was thrown out by Ace’s security and casino crew.

Hollywood has produced a remarkably long list of casino movies but only a few were able to leave mark as something unforgettable and meaningful. If inspired with these movies, you can make your own casino scene in this casino sites.

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