Agent Of SHEILD Hello. My name is Eric, and I am an actor who also writes and produces sketch comedy skits and vlogs which I post to my YouTube channel.  Recently I wrote and produced a parody of the show, "Agents of SHIELD".  I'm loving the show, and after watching the first episode, I was inspired to write this parody that deals with "Clearance Level 1 agents", who are basically the scrubs of SHIELD.

Monkey Business The whole process of putting this together took about one month.  It was a very fun but also challenging experience. This video was made with no budget and I was lucky to have a good group of friends to work with on this, who were also willing to do this for free.

In addition to myself, the cast of this project includes: Josh Sussman, who is best recognized from his roles on "Glee" and "Wizards of Waveryly Place".  Also in this video is Bree Essrig, a popular YouTube personality who has over 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.  And rounding out the cast are fellow actors / YouTube personalities, Chase Green (who also edited this video), Tess Hunt (who also provided the location for us to shoot), and Anthony Ma (who also helped with sound), all three very talented individuals.

My awesome DP for this project was Joe Alimagno.  This project was a blast to put together and if this video gains enough popularity, I'm hoping to make it a series with future episodes.  Hope you enjoy the video, and be sure to also check out everyone who was involved with this:

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AGENT OF SHIELD - SPOOFING THE SCRUBS AGENT OF SHIELD - SPOOFING THE SCRUBS Reviewed by David Andrews on January 10, 2014 Rating: 5
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