Girl Of Steel Logo Sniff-Sniff-Sniff! Can you smell that, dear reader? Can you smell that bittersweet yet pleasant odor wafting too an throw within the mid-morning breeze? You know. It smells very similar to justice, doesn't it? HUH? What's that you say? You don't know what 'Justice' smells like? Tut-tut-tut! Shame on you. Quickly, read the following article between me and my pal, Vincent, because I bet you anything you'll know what justice smells like after that!

1) What are your own origins, Vincent? Plus what path did you take in life prior to getting to were you are today?   I’m originally from the great town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Coincidentally it’s the same hometown where David S. Goyer (Writer of The Dark Knight & Man of Steel) was born.

Girl of Steel
I live and work in the film industry here in Los Angeles, California. Acting was my driven goal in Lala land. It was challenging and competitive to score a role against thousands of people. So I asked myself “Why not make your own movies?”.  After shooting a few films I realized my acting wasn’t as good. But my storytelling was improving way beyond my belief. That’s when I knew I wanted to become a narrative film director.

2) What inspired you to create your ‘Girl of Steel’ fan film?   We wanted to develop a film for young women to aspire too. I feel that superheroes are respectable creatures that make positive decisions in critical situations. 

We also wanted to create awareness around the high rating of domestic violence. I use to work production for a television show that received written letters from across the globe. 79% of those letters were about women seeking help from their abusive boyfriend / husband. I refuse to live in a world where that happens.

Girl of Steel was my message to the world to wake up.

3) In your own words how would you describe this story?   Some may think Girl of Steel is an action film about the world being attacked by space invaders prompting superheroes to save the day. But the truth is, Girl of Steel is about a young woman battling against what is right and wrong with society and her own beliefs.

Girl of Steel
If you notice, Kara became very engaged in the conversation when the topic of Fukushima was addressed. It was described as the most devastating nuclear explosion in human history. The radiation has already made it here in Los Angeles. I can’t even imagine how much poison affected the pacific sea life. It’s really important for us to never forget our doings as human beings.

4) If your film omitted a collective odor, what would it smell like and why?   Justice.

5) If you could get a known celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your wares, who would you chose, and why would you want this particular person?   I respect and appreciate Angelina Jolie after watching this speech.

Nothing is more powerful than awareness. When people have money, we must utilize it to help others. Actors like Angelina Jolie and authors such as Gene Houston and Maryanne Williamson, are one of many examples of fantastic role models.

Angelina Jolie Supergirl
6) What were the main obstacles you had to contend with?   Before producing the film I’ve learned a very valuable lesson. Never make films for people, instead, produce films from your heart. Unfortunately female superheroes are over shadowed by male superheroes. Even though we can easily point the finger at the bigger film studios, it’s really us that encourage this. When we buy a movie ticket, it’s like signing a petition.

I spent a pain staking two weeks casting Kara Zor-El. It was troubling accepting Supergirl had to be blonde and wear the “S”uniform. 

When my stunt choreographer friend, Matthew Simmons, introduced Sarah McCreanor, I knew that she would revolutionize the way we see Kara. I wouldn’t replace her for anybody.

7) Do you have any other projects on the horizon?   Right now, Girl of Steel is being reviewed by 9 film festivals and 4 Comic Con's across the nation. So expect a screening near you.

Flash made a cameo appearance at the end of our film.  So guess what? Flash is part of the Justice League. We'll let the fans figure that out, huh?

8) If you had a motto, what do you think it would be?   If you always live your life pleasing others, then you aren't living at your truest potential. Listen to your intuition and trust your decisions.

Wow! Those were some very wise words to end on, Vincent! Some very wise words indeed. Don't you agree, dear reader? I'm sure you do. So when you've got the time please check out the Girl of Steel facebook page and youtube channel. Trust me. You'll love it as much as I did.