Out of the following four characters, who do you think would be better equipped to help Victor Stone out, against his battle with the Crime Syndicate? Would it be: (A) God. (B) Mighty Mouse. (C) Captain Carrot. Or (D) That man who stands' at the end of my street, playing with his kazoo. No! The answer isn't 'D', silly. For that, I hope you beg forgiveness to DC Comics, in February, 2014, before giving a big hug to Ivan Reis and Geoff Johns. Go on. You know you want to.

To QUOTE P. J. O'Rourke: 'There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 380SL convertible'.

Now what do you get it you take two soon to be dead members of the Doom Patrol -- Celsius and Karma -- two murderous members of the Crime Syndicate -- Johnny Quick and Atomica -- plus two scientist's on a mission to save the life of Victor Stone?

Yep. That is correct. You get a glass of orange juice, my friend. A very nice and refreshing glass of orange juice you can drink whilst reading this story, entitled 'Forever Doomed', where you'll witness Doctor Morrow and Vic's pappy patch his big boy back-up together again.  

Plus if you're luckily, you'll also get to witness the rebirth of Cyborg too! (Or should that be Cyborg 2?) Primed and ready to kick Syndicate ass, but not until he pays some chap called Will Magnus a flying visit first.

All in all I'd say this issue of the 'Justice League' was one of those stories I've always had a problem reviewing.

No. Not because I have any direct problem with the tale in itself. Far from it. I thought that Ivan Reis' artwork complemented Geoff Johns' story just nicely. And in many ways both of their contributions have made this yarn a very memorable installment for me to follow.

Yeah. No messing about. I particularly enjoyed its brutal opening fight scene between the Syndicate and the Doom Patrol, plus those montage sequences where Silas and Morrow patched Vic up again.

Also, I've got to say that I was very intrigued by what I saw in the 'Red Room' too. But... errr... more on that later.  

Anyway, to get back to what I was originally saying, what I initially have a problem with folks, is that this is one of those adventures that's so perfect in both pace and style, I cannot seem to find the words within me to denigrate it. Honestly. From my point of view this was one hell of an ass-kicking comic book, and I can't wait to see what Vic gets up to next month.

Fingers crossed, it'll be good.

I'd say there were only two scenes in this adventure I didn't like yet did like reading at the same time.

Firstly, even though it was very nice seeing those two 'retro members' of the Doom Patrol again -- Yes. Both Celsius and Karma did exist previously in a different guise -- it was slightly harrowing seeing them being killed in that manner, especially when it didn't add any major revelations to this particular tale.

And secondly, I did find it rather baroque, yet funny, when Vic asked his Dad for an 'upgrade' so he could save the day, especially when he was merely a torso at the time.  

Aesthetically this tale is about Victor, Silas, and Morrow, trying to figure out the best solution for their current arduous situation. So what that says to me, is that I should pair it up with The Beatles song, 'We Can Work It Out'.

Without beating around the bush, I'd say this issue is somewhat reminiscent of a multi-purpose hammer, because you can fix things with it, use it as a weapon, plus on occasion, it does come in handy where electronics are concerned.

Just for a bit of fun, I thought it would be a good idea to guess who owns that red spaceship seen in the 'Red Room', where Vic got fixed-up by his Dad and the Doc. So here goes, folks. Check this out...

  1. Adam Strange -- the space adventurer -- and he used it to transport himself back and forth between Earth and Rann, until he ran out of gas [obvious pun intended]. 
  2. One of the members populating the Legion of Superheroes -- most probably Brainiac -- who accidentally left it behind on some sort of top secret fact finding mission.
  3. David Bowie -- also known as Ziggy Stardust -- who took too much drugs one day, and decided to hitchhike home whilst sauntering about in space. 
  4. Doiby Dickles -- Alan Scott's old pal -- who once drove him around in this vehicle, until he came to the realization Alan isn't living on this Earth anymore. 
  5. Jeremy Clarkson -- one of the presenters on 'Top Gear' -- he hated the sound of the engine so much, he left this spaceship stranded for a Mercedes-Benz 380SL convertible.
  6. Space Cabby -- Yeah. This was once a real character published by DC -- and... errr... let's leave it there, shall we?
Nuff said. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE #27 JUSTICE LEAGUE #27 Reviewed by David Andrews on February 10, 2014 Rating: 5
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