Please don't worry if the lights turn off whilst you're reading this dazzling comic book adventure. I'm sure if this ever happens, it's most probably down to those two skin-flints, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, for forgetting to pay DC Comics to put another dollar in the electricity meter. Ka-Ching!

To QUOTE My Parents: 'Always listen to your elders, young man, or else you'll be very-very sorry'.

Oh! I see. So Batman and Lieutenant Gordon think that can stop me from turning Gotham City into chaos? They think they can actually throw a spanner in the works by fighting off Doctor Death, or by telling the police force not to turn the power supply back on again?

But no. That won't work, will it? I won't allow it. For my name is Edward Nigma -- AKA The Riddler -- and whilst they run around town trying their best to halt my crafty shenanigans, I will sit here upon my throne and gloat how wonderful I truly am.

Boy! Aren't I a right b*stard? Hahahaha!

If truth be told I don't have very much to say about this issue of Batman, my friends. Now this doesn't have anything to do with the story in itself, or any of the artwork on display. Personally speaking, I thought both of these aspects were f*cking amazing. Scott's story was both evolving and dynamic to read, and it came across one part 80's cop drama and one part disaster movie. Whereas Greg's art was very detailed in the execution, and had that zing to it that I can't fault at all.

But then again, that's precisely why I don't have very much to say about this chapter of 'Dark City'. It was so good I find myself at a loss for words whilst I'm trying to praise it.

I mean, what can I say? That I loved the way this tale was introduced to us? And define that the whole 'Wayne's family flash-back sequence' was very much the central theme behind this narrative? Or what about explaining how this adventure had a very adventurous spirit to it? Summed up by those scenes between Batman and Gordon trying their best to outsmart Helfern and the Riddler?

Oh! One minute! I've done it now, haven't I? I've told you what I feel about this escapade. Heehe!

The only slight gripe I had with this tale was how Batman's battle with Helfern was paced upon the page. From my point of view it was held back slightly with the inclusion of a number of segways and longish pieces of rhetoric. And this directly gave it a myopic tone which transformed it from a dynamic scene to a less suspenseful one.

Now I have to thank Doctor Death himself for this month's comparison, folks. So if you haven't heard of the song he was referring to in this story, 'Tokyo Moon', here is a version of it performed by someone I don't know.

Well, I think it is, anyway.

On two different occasions throughout this adventure a character in it talked about jumping from one place to another. Batman did when he jumped off of his hot air balloon. And Helfern did whilst he was fighting Batman. Therefore, that is what I'm going to compare this comic to -- the act of jumping -- because it makes some sort of sense within the scheme of things.

I'm sure some of you out there might be wondering to yourselves why Batman owns a Bat-Blimp. But I don't. No Sir-Re-Bob. I got the whole story direct from the horse's mouth. Here is the horse


ME: So tell us about your story then, pal?

HORSE: Well, as you all well know, Bruce has a thing about preservation, doesn't he? So one day whilst he and his Uncle was messing about in Gotham City, they came across me and my owner and asked us how much it would cost for me to sh*t for them.

ME: What?

HORSE: Yeah. They wanted some of my manure to fertilize their crops with. So they asked me to squat and give them plenty for the sake of Mother Nature.

ME: OK! So what's that got to do with the Bat-Blimp?

HORSE: Hey! Hold your horses! (Excuse the pun). Now to cut a long story short, after a while the stench of my cr*p got on their nerves to such an extent, Uncle Phil came up with a sure fire way of cultivating it within a balloon shaped edifice. And though and behold, the Bat-Blimp was born.

ME: But that doesn't make any sense, horse?

HORSE: Yeah. And neither does asking a horse silly question's about Bat-Blimps. Now give me my f*cking carrot you git, or else I'll kick you in the bloody face.

Nuff said

BATMAN #29 BATMAN #29 Reviewed by David Andrews on March 25, 2014 Rating: 5
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