Black Cat Cosplay Over the last year or so, I've noticed that my cosplay interviews seem to evolve around the following four parameters. (1) Creative design. (2) The need to bolster someone's own self esteem. (3) A love for comic books and movies. Plus (4) Boobies. Now if you want to know what I mean by this, then please check out this interview I did with a great gal that goes by name of 'Maiden America'.

1) What are your own origins, Maiden America? Plus what path did you take in life before you got to where you are today?   I was born in Manhattan in 91’ then moved to Vegas when I was super young, pursued by my artistry for quite some time before becoming a professional in the field. I was the biggest dork and nerd you could meet at the time, spending most of my life reading comics, drawing what I saw, and playing video-games.

Maiden America Cosplay - Sexy Poison IvyOnce I got older I began stretching my limits with my art and developing more of a taste towards creative engineering. My costume building didn't start until January of 2013. I had always been interested in Cosplay, loved watching so many people at events having fun and embracing the characters they loved so much. So like many people I took a crack at it myself, and realized I loved it more than ever before.

2) What are the most persistent comments you've received from your followers?   I would have to say, “ You’re amazing! Love your work and cosplay! You are just plain awesome!” Then of course, it's follows in suit with “OMG! Boobies!”, Ha! That’s the ticket right there.

Maiden America Cosplay - Galactus and Thanos3) What is your ‘regular’ job? And does it in any way shape or form aide you as a Cosplayer?   Actually my regular “Joe the Plummer” job is being a Professional Freelance Artist and publisher. Basically the job kind of speaks for itself on what I do -- but yes -- I’m sure if I only knew the basics of a crooked circle I would not be as good with my costume building as I am now. Not to mention it tends to help in the patience area since there have been a few incidents where I may have accidentally thrown a helmet or two out of a window. Just saying…

4) How did your friends, family, and work colleagues first react to the news that you like to Cosplay?   They loved it! Then again some told me “What took you so long!”. So yeah! Gotta love em! But they're super supportive of me and my shenanigans, they kind of have to be! Plus it also helps in the realm that a lot of my friends are fellow cosplayers, so we can spit ball ideas at one another, makes for good schwarma talks.

5) How do you decide what costume to wear for a convention? And who makes them?   It depends on what event I go to I suppose. In sci-fi I tend to stick towards my pop culture costumes etc, etc, etc… Also, the size of the event as well. If it’s a small convention I stick to more low key costumes, where as in the big cons I go for the wow factor from the crowds. 

I make every single one of my costumes by my god’s gift of goober hands. I don’t store buy anything, just because I kind of want to push myself I guess. Well, unless its part's or shoes, Ha! Then I do, but that’s only because I'm NOT that awesome.

Maiden America Cosplay - Lord Of The Rings6) What have you learnt about yourself in this capacity? And were their any unforeseen obstacles you had to contend with?   After everything I have been through in the last few years, I've learned that as long as I have my family, friends, followers, and fans (my fantastic 4!) I’ll be ok. Because its their support that's helped shape me into becoming the better person I am today, and so proud of it as well.

For obstacles, well, there are always obstacles no matter what you do in life. Mine would have definitely been my confidence barrier. I lack of it, as well for the longest time not much self esteem to boot. But after I started my builds, things changed and I started to see the person that I really was and not the person I believed I was!

7) What was the best / worst convention you ever attended?   Best... New York Comic Con. Worst... San Diego Comic Con. Why? NYCC was awesome! So many amazing people, and a great time was had by one and all! SDCC on the other hand, well, lets just say it was very disappointing. I expected a lot more, and not to mention I spent a lot of my time outside, Ha!

Maiden America Cosplay - Keeping It Real8) What would be your dream Cosplay gig and outfit?   I’d have to say being a judge at DragonCon! That’s definitely the cosplayers con! Hoping this year I can actually make it there for my first time. And honestly, my dream cosplay would have to be me building a replica from head to toe out of metal or something close to 'Sauron' from 'Lord of the Rings'. I have a major lady boner for him, and if I could ever make that costume, it'll probably wouldn't come off for a few days, (as I caress my body)….

9) Has their ever been an outfit you just did not like wearing? And if so, why?   I would have to say my Ms. Marvel costume was one of my least favorites, only because the material was crap, and it has to be one of the most uncomfortable costumes I've ever made. Lol!

10) Do you have a credo you live by?   “Shit happens for a reason, and never doubt what life has in store for you”.

Fair enough. That sound's reasonable to me. Doesn't it sound reasonable to you too, dear reader? Yes. Of course it does. So when you have the time you know what you have to do next. Check out Maiden America on her website and facebook page. Go on. Click-Click. Hop to it. 

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