In the year of our Lord, April, 3014, fifteen-trillion-billion-zillion human lives where terminated when DORIS (Data Organic Retrieval Information System) instigated a world-wide nuclear assault against humankind. But as luck would have it, a fortunate few managed to survive this single-minded onslaught with the use of a pogostick. And then, when things got a bit better, they eventually hopped it all the way back to the 21st Century, to produce a parody of this terrible disaster.

What now follows is the clip in question...

Now wasn't that a sight for saw eyes, you lucky bunch of b*stards? If I was you, I'd go down on bended knee and praise the good Lord that Eric Michael Espiritu, Christine Lakin, Chase Green, and Lana McKissack, were able to catch it all on celluloid. If not, well, check out this inforgraphic you gaggle of ingrates...

Cyborgs on the Screen
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