B0VINE the Comic Book Be careful when driving by the farm. Those words will ring truer than ever with the release of B0VINE, the first original comic-book from Follow Networks. Written by Follow Networks founder Chad Ettelbrick and illustrated by Lucas Patterson, B0VINE is a one-off zombie story about an outbreak on a farm coming in May.

“B0VINE is a story about a zombie outbreak happening in a group of cows. We talked to a group of zombie fanatics about what they thought would happen with a cow outbreak, and we turned their ideas into one-off comic story,” said story writer Chad Ettelbrick. “Follow Networks is a company committed to creating comics and series and movies, all with the input of our community and audience. This is the first project created with that model and we’re very excited to release it.”

Sheep Crossing in Ireland
“I like to think of B0VINE as the comic version of a B Horror Movie. It’s over the top, a little silly, a little weird. Everything I want from horror. We wrote it with the help of the attendees of the first Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, and we plan to continue to create one-off comics at cons and events around the country".

B0VINE will be released in a limited print run and digitally via PDF and Comixology! Follow Networks creates comics, video series, and films, in a collaborative community environment, taking submissions from their community and offering contests to help create story lines and pieces of their projects. Community members whose ideas and submissions are used are rewarded with cash prizes and profit opportunities for

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