Now I know for a fact Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul can pen a pretty decent tale over on 'The Flash'. But does that necessarily mean they can do the said-same thing to a certain Dark Knight as well? Let's see, shall we? Let's see if DC Comic's have made a very good creative decision, in May, 2014.

To QUOTE Karl Marx: 'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime'.

I say, Master Bruce. You've had a very busy day of it today, haven't you?

First you took down a couple of hoods who where associated with 'The Squids' human trafficking ring. Then you attended a racing competition, and made a deal with that very nice lady called Elena, relating to a prominent development in the East End of Gotham. And now you're working on your deceased son's bike, hoping that this erstwhile act with somehow appease your inner most demons.

Come now, sir. You have to calm yourself down. Please listen to your butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Or else... sniff-sniff? Wait a minute! Can you smell burning coming from the manor? Quick. To the bat-bucket!!!

Please let me start off my review by answering a question you most probably know the answer of already. Yes. Brian and Francis did a brilliant job on this book. In its own amiable way, Brian's urban story about street crime and the corporate world complemented Francis' unsullied visuals magnificently. And this was amplified even more so with a number of great scenes I just adored following.

For instance, I did like that scene where Bruce and Elena talked about the future of Gotham, plus how Elena's speedy daughter was integrated into it. Furthermore, I got a right kick out of that action packed chase sequence for rather obvious reasons. Plus I have to admit, the two times Damien's name was mentioned throughout this tale, my heart went out for Bruce because of his loss.

The only aspect about this adventure I wasn't too keen on was how it flowed from one scene to the next. In my eyes these transitions felt rather abrupt on the page, without any form of foreshadowing noted beforehand.

Now without giving too much away, I ironically feel like pairing up this story to the Elvis Presley song, 'Burning Love', mainly because of the fiery note it ended on.

As soon as I finished reading this comic it gave me that warm and fresh feeling I usually get when I've come out of the bath, dried myself down, and have slipped into my freshly pressed bed. Now I'm sure you know what I mean by this, folks. It made me feel all cool and clean inside, like an angelic supermodel floating on a bed of clouds.

Wow! Wasn't that one hell of a great new start for a great new creative team! Personally speaking, I've always had faith in Brian and Francis' creative talents. Ever since they began on 'The Flash' all those years ago, I had a gut instinct they were going to do well on that book, just like I'm sure they're going to do well on this one too.

However, just to help them slightly with this title, I thought it would be a jolly good idea to compile a list of what they shouldn't do on 'Detective Comics'.
  1. Make Batman a woman.
  2. Turn one of the characters into a clone, only to reveal that the clone is in fact the real-deal, whilst the real-deal is in fact a clone.
  3. Give Alfred a ginger perm.
  4. Bring Damien back from the dead, but this time have him appear like 'Chucky' from the popular 80's film franchise.
  5. Paint every building in Gotham City salmon pink and lime green.
  6. Devise a villain called ass-face, who got disfigured when an ass transplant went horribly, horribly, wrong.
  7. Keep on spouting the phrase, 'I want to know where Dick is?', in a very camp manner.
  8. Sell this comic book for less money.
Hmmm. Nuff said.

DETECTIVE COMICS #30 DETECTIVE COMICS #30 Reviewed by David Andrews on April 14, 2014 Rating: 5
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