Please never fear death, my friends, fear life itself. Because life has a perverse way of steering you in very strange directions, without you really knowing what the hell is going on. Now for an illustration of this, please check out the following comic book Published by DC Comics, in April, 2014, created by Brian Buccellato and Agustin Padilla.

To QUOTE Jerry Springer: 'The results of the DNA tests prove negative'.

Quickly, Boston! We've got to track down the spirit of Ulysses Sutter before he possesses his last remaining descendant -- my old pal, Captain Frye!

So come on. Shift that dead little dead ass of yours. I haven't got all day. I want to pummel this punk into oblivion, or else you might end up throwing a house at his head, without me figuring out who my real father is.


Ops! Spoke to soon. But then again, I am the Flash, aren't I? Wink!

I'm sorry, dear reader. But I'm going to find it quite difficult to praise this piece properly. Because by praising it, I'm afraid I may accidentally give away some of the surprises it contains.

Well, the way I see it, the best thing about this third part of 'Digging up the Past' are the surprises. For instance, I loved that scene where it was revealed Captain Frye duped Barry so he could also dupe Ulysses. I also loved that sequence where Boston showed up with the House of Mystery in toe. Plus on top of that, I loved reading about the DNA tests, and how it related to that whole 'who's the daddy' dilemma this story-line was trying to convey.

So now do you see what I mean by it being rather difficult to review? Ha!

The only aspect about this adventure I wasn't too keen on was how quickly it resolved last issues cliff-hanger. Within the first two pages Barry and Boston swiftly figured out what was really going on, and to me, this kind of made this predicament a very disposable commodity within the scheme of things.  

Despite not being a big fan of Ke$ha's, a small part of me feels compelled to pair this story up with her song, 'Not My Daddy', for fairly obvious reasons.

My God have mercy on my soul.

I'm sure you've noticed by now that I'm slightly hung up on that whole 'who's the Daddy' sub-plot. So if like me, you can also completely disregard any of the supernatural elements contained within this escapade, then I'd have to say that in essence, it reminded me of an episode of Jerry Springer, mainly because of the results of the DNA test. Ha!

Isn't it a shame that this is the last issue of Brian Buccellato's run on 'the Flash'? (please excuse the obvious pun) From my perspective both he and Francis have done a splendid job on this book. And I wish them all the best with whatever they do next over on 'Detective Comics'. But before I shoot off, please allow me to tell you some of my highlights relating to this tenure...

  1. Francis Manapul's 'Steve Ditko' inspired artwork.
  2. The innovative approaches Brian has taken to tell a tale. 
  3. Even though I wasn't a big fan of it at first, I have grown fond of the strange love triangle between Barry, Iris, and Patty.
  4. All those times the creators have teased us about what's going to happen next.
  5. How the Gem Cities have been redefined within the New52.
  6. Rogues. Rogues. Rogues.
  7. And of course, that whole 'Daddy dilemma' too.

Ha! Nuff said.

FLASH #29 FLASH #29 Reviewed by David Andrews on April 08, 2014 Rating: 5
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