Now I know this issue Published by DC Comics in May, 2014, is a couple of weeks late. But what I didn't know was that one of the main reasons for this lateness was all down to Geoff Johns loosing a bet with Ivan Reis, because Geoff thought he could write it whilst standing on his head. Hmmm. No comment.

To QUOTE two of the Metal Men, Lead and Iron: 'We're having a ball here, doc'.

Hello, Grid. Do you remember, me? Your better half, Victor Stone? Yeah. I'm sure you do, you cybernetic scum-bag. Especially since you ripped me out of my body all those many moon ago, when you and the Crime Syndicate first plundered the Earth.

But now I'm back, creep. And accompanied by Will Magnus and his Metal Men, we're going to kick the not so living crap out of you, unless you have other plans up your sleeve.

BOOOOM! Oh, Sh*t!

On a conceptual level I'd say 'Forever Heroes' is a basic tale where the good guys are lead to fight the bad guys and ultimately save the day. More than that, though, it's an amazingly adventurous tale too. Chock full of some really detailed artwork provided by Ivan Reis. Plus a story-line I honestly couldn't get enough of.   

One of my most favorite aspects about it was how the Metal Men interacted with those around them. Not being too cheesy. Not being too sarcastic. But finding a nice balance between being too overt and too archetypal by nature.

Also, another aspect about this book I really enjoyed was how we finally saw Cyborg having some time in the spotlight. Straight up! It brought a great big smile to my face when it was revealed how he'll become one of the linchpins relating to how 'Forever Evil' ends.

Despite enjoying the personal dichotomy between the two, I still wasn't that keen on Cyborg's battle with the Grid in their mutual cybernetic world. In my eyes this scene felt a little bit too 'off the charts' so to speak. And came across like a 'wedged in' ploy as if to explain away the repercussions at the very end of this story.  

Even though it doesn't matter which one I choose, I'm compelled to pair-up this tale to any Christian heavy metal song out there, mainly because they both involve such things as life, death, rebirth, and of course, metal.

I know this may sound like a very silly thing to say. But a part of my jovial brain is forcing me to compare this comic book to bubblegum, largely due to them both being sweet and digestible entities in their own right.

Yes. You can groan now.

Something I've failed to mention up above was the role 'The Secret Society' played within this story-line. Now to be perfectly honest with you, dear reader, I wasn't quite sure if I liked this component or not. One part of me thought it was fairly OK within the scheme of things. Whereas another part of me thought it was a bit too obvious and wasn't really needed.

How about you, though? Was this a good part of the story or just another page filler? Plus what about that.. coff-coff... section relating to Wonder Woman's lasso?  I didn't really understand it myself. But then again that's most probably because I didn't follow that specific section of 'Forever Evil'.

Tell me what you think, OK? Plus please remember to check out my Superman / Batman caption competition, and you could win a great prize.

Nuff said.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #29 JUSTICE LEAGUE #29 Reviewed by David Andrews on April 28, 2014 Rating: 5
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