Even though her whole wide world has suddenly been turned upside down, Amanda Waller still found some time to buy a tube of inexpensive mascara from DC Comics, in April, 2014. It cost her about $2, and this was twice as much as they paid Matt Kindt and Jim Fern to create this comic book. Oohhhh!!!! Controversial!

To QUOTE Bertrand Russell: 'The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt'.

That's it, Ms Waller. You go and get your supercharged members of the Suicide Squad to attack OMAC from the outside. So I can then rid him of the Thinkers evil presence from the inside out.

Yeah. That's it. I can slowly feel it working now with the thunk-think-thunk, rapping against my skull. I just hope that I can carry out my end of the bargain is all. OK. I know that I myself was once the living being who possessed OMAC. Me -- being Kevin Kho. But that doesn't necessarily mean I always know what I'm flipping doing.


See what I mean?

At face value 'Flushed' was a pretty fine installment of 'Suicide Squad' to read.

To start of with I did enjoy Kevin Kho's involvement with this story-line, because I haven't seen him in a DC book since his abduction from the now defunct 'Justice League International' title.

After that, I best mention that Jim Fern's artwork was a real treat for yours truly. And I really got a kick out of how he drew his characters big, bold, and rather 90's inspired.

Furthermore, the sneaky way Amanda Waller managed to dupe the squad at the end of this book was a nice little twist...

... even though the only problem I had with it was how stupid it bloody ended. I mean, for crying out loud, I followed the majority of this tale thinking that it was going to end on a more positive note. And then, when it did, within the last couple of pages this whole f*cking thing turned silly with an ending that made me sigh like a duck in a crispy pancake.

Honestly. As soon as I put this book down I thought to myself what a waste of a read it truly was. Cause at the end of the day nothing was really accomplished except for the defeat of a villain we all know was going to be beaten to begin with.

For a change I won't compare this story to a song but a sound effect. OK. Not just one sound effect because I can't find an appropriate clip to use from Youtube. But nonetheless, when you eventually click on the following video clip, just imagine how this would play out whilst reading the last section of this adventure.

Now I don't want to keep on hammering on about how silly this comic concluded, but for the life of me, whilst I was trying to come up with what I could compare it to, out of the blue I thought of a dummy. Or any other such puppet type device you can think of.

Well, one of the main reasons why I thought of this is because in many ways this tale is just like a dummy. Fun to play with. Sinister on occasion. And stupid on others.

As you've most probably gathered by now, I wasn't a very happy bunny after I finished reading this issue of the 'Suicide Squad'. In my eyes it felt like a very disposable commodity, and came across in the same vein as this series has felt so far.

One part lucid.  One part jovial. And three parts misguided.

Now that's not to say I haven't enjoyed following this title at all. Cause I did like the way it began all those years ago, with a promise that it would then evolve and get better and better over time. But alas, now that time has ultimately passed, here we are, with one issue to go, waiting for it to flutter off to that great big bargain bin in the sky.


SUICIDE SQUAD #29 SUICIDE SQUAD #29 Reviewed by David Andrews on April 01, 2014 Rating: 5
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