From news reports I've heard throughout the day, I'm taken to believe that both Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul have committed a heinous crime. They did it in June, 2014, and it involved a small monkey named Doris, a large packet of potato chips, plus -- of course -- DC Comics. Tut-Tut-Tut!

To QUOTE Denis Waitley: 'Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward towards finding the answer'.

He thinks I've killed her, doesn't he Alfred? Harvey Bullock thinks I'm stupid enough to I have killed my recent business partner, Elena Aguila, by injecting her with that designer drug called Icarus.

But then again he doesn't know the true me, does he? Harvey doesn't know I'm the Batman! Fighting crime and trailing this deadly poison through the city streets of Gotham by hook or by crook. And over time this has led me to a stash of kidnapped stowaways guarded by a Sumo wrestler, with a mysterious name upon his lips.

The Squid.

Overall I'd say this second part of 'Icarus' was a way above average comic book read.

For me, one of it's major highlights was how Francis Manapul's artwork gleamed upon the page. As he has that very stylish yet scratchy style that somehow made Brian Buccellato's story-line more urbane to follow. Noir-like even.

As for Brian's story on the other hand, yeah, that was pretty damn decent too. What I liked most about it was that 'Yojimbo inspired scene' where Batman fought the Sumo wrestler, plus that other one where Bruce sneakily planted a bug on those gangsters who shot him.

Boy! What a crafty yet adventurous sod he is.

Furthermore, I was taken back slightly by that whole mystery surrounding the Squid's true identity. I mean, who could he be, huh? Someone we all know? Someone we don't? Or what about someone I can guess during my conclusion? Ha!

Is it just me, dear reader, or do you also get annoyed when someone is blaming Bruce Wayne for something he hasn't done? Well, despite enjoying the gum-shoe tone to this tale's opening sequence, there was a part of me that was genuinely irritated by Harvey when he kept on accusing Bruce for killing Elena.

Admittedly, I know this is nothing more than a story-beat that needs to be played out. But come off it! Bruce Wayne has been kicked about so many times in the past; by now Harvey must surly know something more about him than just what's in the newspapers.

On a conceptual level this jazzy escapade was about Batman searching for someone who's being a bit of a tosser. So in my own estimations, there is really only one song I can musically pair it up with. 'Searchin', by the Coasters.

Now it's not everyday I can compare a comic book to a Sumo Wrestler. Yet where this issue is concerned, I'd say they were a great match because they're both stylish to look at, very plump to follow, plus involve a very 'big boned' gentlemen dying for a wedgie.

OK. I know what you're thinking. Did he fire five bullets or was it only four. Well, to be honest with you, in all of this excitement I've kind of ... errr... oops! Sorry about that, folks. I got distracted a bit there, didn't I? Anyway, as I was saying, I know what you're thinking. Who in Captain Haddocks good name is this Squid character, right? Weeeellll......    

  1. The Joker -- No. I think that would be too soon, don't you? Mister J needs a bit of 'me time' before he can pop up again.
  2. Orca -- Hey! Maybe 'The Squid' is his 'New 52' alias!
  3. Mariah Carey -- As she has been known to smell of fish.
  4. The Riddler -- Well, Harvey did say that Ikarus went way back to 'The Great Storm', didn't he?
  5. Captain Birdseye -- Please refer to my Mariah Carey answer for more details.
  6. Elena Aguila's daughter, who I've strangely forgotten the name of -- Just an idea.
  7. Terence Trent D'arby -- I have no idea why I've included him on this list. His name just popped into my mind for no apparent reason whatsoever.
  8. Dan Didio -- It's always Dan. It has to be him. It has to, I say. It has to. It has to. It has to.

Nuff said, Thunk!

DETECTIVE COMICS #31 DETECTIVE COMICS #31 Reviewed by David Andrews on May 20, 2014 Rating: 5
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