Alright. So which one of you did it, eh? Come on. Own up. Which one of you funny-faced-fools have taken a dump on DC Comics, in May, 2014? Could it be you with your words, J. M. DeMatteis? Or better yet, could it be you with your art, Andres Guinaldo? No answer, huh? Fair enough. I'm sure the answer will lay in the soil... sniff-sniff!

To QUOTE John F. Kennedy: 'Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names'.

I know what you're thinking, Zee. You're thinking I'm pissed because I barged my way into the House of Mystery and started a fight with Boston Bland, Franken-scum, that purple bint, plus that lesbian lady with the big... coff... teeth. But no, Zee. I haven't come here for a fight and I'm not pissed either.

OK. So I might be a little bit pissed.  Don't worry about that, though. Worry about what you're getting yourself into with this new team of yours. Three of them are on their way out already. Whilst one of them left behind is going to com-bust when you transport that green-faced prick from muck-land!

Now what was his bloody name again? I forgot myself. It must be all this... hic-cup... f*cking tea I've been drinking. Johnny Constantine, over and out, THUNK!

Overall I'd say that this issue of 'Justice League Dark' was a pretty fine tale to read. Andres artwork was fairly easy on the eye. JM's story-line had a nice personal touch to it. And there were a couple of scenes I also thought stood out from the crowd too.

For instance, I did like that bar-room incident where Boston confronted a drunken Johnny, because it kind of defined this story on a tonal level. Slightly tipsy, and slightly bold.

I also enjoyed that sequence where Mr Constantine magically analysed each member one at a time. Especially that intriguing moment depicting Black Orchid's hidden personalities, as well as that scene where Asa comes on to Zee in the swimming pool.  

In contrast to this though, I'm not quite sure how I feel about the loss of Frankenstein, Johnny, and Orchid, from the team. One part of me has a hopeful feeling they will return again soon. While another part of me doesn't see the point of them going in the first place.  

Even though this issue did re-define the new dynamics within 'Justice League Dark', apart from that though, nothing else much happened. A large chunk of the narrative was dedicated to explain why certain members won't be on the team anymore. Where as another chunk of the story was about Johnny pissing off his ex-team-mates, plus the repercussions of this said-same-event.

If you've ever been drunk I bet you anything you've sung the following song whilst sozzled. So go on. After me. A one. A two. A one, two, three, four...

If you think about it, folks, this adventure is about the gang needing to individually figure themselves out, before they can actually commit to what they want to do. So with that in mind, why not compare it to a hormonal teenager.

Works for me.

To be absolutely honest with you, dear reader, over the last couple of month's I haven't been too keen on this book because certain sections of it where spliced off into different titles.

I feel a little bit better about it now, though. I feel better cause the story is all on the same page, and the team -- well, what's left of it -- feels more defined somehow. Defined in that way where we know that Zee is the captain, Boston is her second in command, and the rest of them... errr... need a little bit more work, huh?

Well. Let's face it. We've already read a lot about Johnny and Zee, but not very much about the others.

Also, did you notice that at the end of the book... errr... coff-coff... called herself 'Alice'? Now you don't think DC are going to pull an 'Enchantress' on her, do you? Plus what about that one panel depicting the petrified girl? Could this also be associated with... coff-coff... too?

Hmm. Nuff said.

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #30 JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #30 Reviewed by David Andrews on May 12, 2014 Rating: 5
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