Lois Lane Vs Wonder Woman Superman has historically been linked to many ladies in the past: Lara Lang, Lori Lemaris, Sally Selwyn, and Cat Grant, to name but a few. However, the names that keep coming up time and time again are that of Lois Lane and Wonder Woman.

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Recently, in DC Comics’ New 52, there was a revelation that Superman and Wonder Woman are starting another romantic liaison - and that Lois and Superman never dated, wiping clean much of the history of the DC universe.

Here at Lovestruck.com, we make it our mission to pair up the best couples of all time, so we thought we’d see who makes this superhero the best partner: 

Lois Lane Marrys Superman
Lois Lane

The history: Let’s face it, when Lois’s name is mentioned, so is Superman’s. From the very first issue of Action Comics back in 1938, Lois has been Clark Kent/Superman’s special love interest. Lois even had her own comic book entitled 'Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane'. 10/10

Superpowers: She may be a tough-as-nails journalist and match Superman’s intellect, but sadly for her, as a mere mortal, Lois has no superpowers. 0/10

Other love interests: Lois is known to have relationships with other superheroes, including Superman’s own father, Jor-El. Mostly though, she was just trying to make him jealous. 7/10

Personality: Gusty, brave, and cool-as-a-cucumber, Lois has her unhinged moments but they all mostly revolve around her devotion to Superman. 8/10

Most romantic moment: In 1996 the couple got married and 'Superman: The Wedding Album' was released. They then went on to star in a series of stories in Superman Family. 9/10

Superman and Wonder Woman in Bed
Wonder Woman

The history: Wonder Woman and Superman rarely spent any time together during their first 20 years of existence. The first mention of romance between Superman and Wonder Woman bizarrely occurred in the comic, 'Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane' #93, in 1963. In the issue, Lois Lane proves she is just like a typical comic book reader, always fearing Superman might one day realize: “Hey, Wonder Woman is my physical equal! Villains could never use her against me! Why don't I just date her?” The issue ends with Superman and Wonder Woman beginning to date! 6/10

Superpowers: Where to start? Wonder Woman was awarded several gifts by the Olympian gods and for several years was described as being as “beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules”. There’s no arguing that she and Superman rank as a serious power couple. 10/10

Personality: She may have superpowers but she sure is jealous! In 'DC Comics Presents' #32, published in 1981, when Wonder Woman sees Lois kissing Superman on the television, she travels to attack her in a jealous rage and even throws her in the path of oncoming traffic. Yikes! 3/10

Lois Lane Vs Wonder Woman - Superman
Other love interests: She may have always harboured a secret crush on Superman, but in 1983’s Wonder Woman #300, the superhero marries her longtime love, Steve Trevor. He is the reigning champion in the love stakes when it comes to Wonder Woman. 1/10

Most romantic moment: Recently in Superman/Wonder Woman #6 Superman tells her “I love you”, just before setting off an atomic explosion from inside a nuclear reactor core. 7/10

The results:

Lois Lane = 44/50
Wonder Woman = 37/50

Lois and Superman are quite simply the most enduring romance in comics according to our poll, and therefore make the best partnership.