Now in the following comic book Published by Marvel, and Created by Richard Isanove, who do you think comes out of it alive? A beaten-up Wolverine, perhaps? Or what about an old granny that loves to knit? Let see, shall we? By checking out this tale woven together, in June, 2014.

To QUOTE Charles Schulz: ‘Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.'

Since this is the fourth and final part of 'Wrath', obviously, more people die in it, plus some for no other reason than for Isanove’s fancy. Also, since it's the end, we get to see what happens to some of these characters afterwards.

The idea that most are dead should not come as a surprise to anyone though.

Without a shadow of a doubt the interior and exterior artwork for the entire arc has been marvelous to look at. It's stark. It's moody. And it's also very dynamic and bold in execution.

But I'd say this story's biggest boon would be that its finally come to an end. Things are more or less resolved, and a lot of meaningless deaths can now finally stop.

Overall, the arc was a fairly good one, but there are many things I found bad about it too.

The way in which the tale was told was the worst thing about the whole story-line. Killing people, or basically stabbing them to within an inch of their lives, can be used in certain ways that make a story progress. But when you do it as often as Isanove did in this yarn, it creates a feeling where you just don’t care about the characters as much as he wants you to.

That problem is very much at the center of this issue as well.  Not caring. 

This installment and its arc is a lot like a bad 80's pop song. It may have some good or catchy parts to it, but overall it's bloody awful. It tries more to make people buy it than actually saying a real message.

Simply put, this comic book sufferers from feeling like a cliché. Using the same story mechanism over and over again hurts a story or idea more than anything else. Well, too much of a good thing can be bad for you, correct?

As I mentioned before, this story was much of the same than other issues. That led to it being a bit bad compared to the others, since it felt rather repetitive.

Like the issue in itself, the arc didn't really contribute anything worthwhile to Wolverine's mythos, or comics in general, which I hope was never Isanove's intention.

*** This review was brought to you by the one and only, Jimmy Coffey.

SAVAGE WOLVERINE #17 SAVAGE WOLVERINE #17 Reviewed by David Andrews on May 22, 2014 Rating: 5
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