Lady Boba Fett Cosplay Remember when the neighborhood jerk stole your Boba Fett action figure in third grade (which is so annoying because it’s now worth hundreds of dollars)? Or when your buddy walked off with your copy of "Grand Theft Auto V" last year and never returned it? While both of those incidents might technically qualify as theft, they’re not quite as serious as some of the potential crimes involving counterfeit tickets, bootlegging, and bullying that are facing visitors of the 2014 Comic Con events.

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In 2010, someone got stabbed with a pen. But those instances are rare.  It’s not that you’re in any serious danger if you’re scheduled to attend one of the conferences this year, but there are some things to be mindful of to make sure you don’t get scammed, or drawn into an incident where someone's misbehavior ruins your fun.

Golden Ticket? Better Make Sure
Last year, reports about counterfeit tickets and fraudulent ticket schemes popped up around the San Diego Comic Con event. Some incidents involved con men asking for money up front and never providing tickets to buyers.

Other fans have been scammed into buying fake tickets, according to the Better Business Bureau. Comic Con drew more than 100,000 to San Diego last year, which led to such an intense ticket-lust that experts warned conference-goers about “ticket scams on steroids”.

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There is only one way to claim your tickets: at the convention center, according to 10 News. Avoid Craig’s List and eBay. Any sellers will be phonies. There are no ticket resales, so anyone claiming their scalping or reselling Comic Con tickets is not to be trusted. This year, San Diego tickets sold out in about 90 minutes, according to 10 News. If you purchased an event badge and received the required codes for pick up, San Diego event organizers recommend to fetch your credentials at the “EPIC” waiting room at the convention center.

Guard Your Internet Time
So much of the Comic Con is Web-based. With all that information circling around from social media, gaming and general browsing, it’s important to make sure you protect your personal information from falling into criminal hands.

If you’re serious about computers, your Wi-fi access is likely protected. If not, you might consider these tips from LaptopMag to protect your personal data on a public Wi-fi system. Also, you might consider seeking identity protection resources via LifeLock.com, which is running membership discounts with bonus frequent flyer mileage.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings
Comic Con events are massive. Think of the original scenes of Atlanta in “The Walking Dead.” Not that anyone is going to bite your jugular and rip out your innards, but expect people pushing, grabbing and shoving their way through crowds.

Everyone wants to get the best access or view of events and speakers. But mind your manners and look out for the geek next to you. These events are staffed with security personnel in an effort to keep everyone safe, but you should also keep your head on a swivel.

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