And so it's finally come time to say good-bye to Scott Lobdell, Scott Daniel, and Tyler Kirkham. But please don't worry your pretty little heads off, dear reader. I'm sure DC Comics will find them something else to do, in May, 2014. You know. Like dance the fandango butt naked whilst coming up with another swan song. Twa-la-leeee! Twa-la-laaaaa!

To QUOTE A Member Of My Family Who Shall Remain Nameless: 'Hey! What f*cking idiot decided to put pineapple on the pizza?'.

This issue of Teen Titans contains one main tale, entitled 'And now... the end is near', plus two smaller tales associated with the team.

Now the first chapter involves Red Robin and the gang trying to help Bunker and Beast Boy fight off two super powered teenagers. And then, once that is over and done with, it segways into another sub-plot concerning Skitters own origins, plus how she is related to one of those dubious governmental members, which have been perusing them for quite some time.

The next chapter chronicles Kid Flash and Solstice's battle on a distant desolate planet -- a planet that might possibly be connected to Skitters origins. Whilst in the last story we can get to see what Bunker and Beast Boy got up to while the rest of the team were flung into the future.

From my point of view the best thing about this book was following the jovial interactions between Beast Boy and Bunker.

Please. Don't take what I've just said the wrong way, dear reader. I did enjoy Daniel's and Kirkham's artwork a lot more than I thought I would. Occasionally its earthy quality did help prop up Scott Lobdell's narrative immensely.

Oh! And as for Scott's narrative, well... yeah... that was OK I suppose. Despite it being too coincidental upon the page, there were a few moments where he allowed the characters to show some character, plus I didn't mind reading Skitters 'wedged in' origin story either.

Apart from that, though...

I'd say the biggest gripe I had with this adventure would be how fortunate it was for these events to play out one after the other, after the other. For instance, the team turned up just in the nick of time to help Beast Boy and Bunker out with their battle. Then Skitter turned up at the exact same moment the government showed up to take their captives away. And on top of that, Grymm showed up as soon as Skitter told the Titans her origin story, and... well... I'm sure you can see a pattern forming here, eh?

Also, while I'm talking about Grymm -- please -- not him again! He's a right groan-worthy adversary if I've ever seen one. Get rid of him, DC.

Now I don't have to answer this question, folks, because the title of this tale has answered it for me already. So Sid, it's over to you, pal...

Conceptually this comic book reminded me of a combo-pizza that someone you don't know has ordered on your behalf. Some toppings you might like. Some toppings you can digest. Whilst other bits and bobs you'd rather leave on the side.

And so it has finally come to an end, my friends. Well. It hasn't really, has it? In a couple of month time the 'Teen Titans' will be back with a brand new creative team and direction.  However, the way its current incarnation has left us isn't too appealing I'd say. Mainly because it has left us with a couple of unanswered questions that really do need answering.  Such as...

  1. Who the heck is that governmental woman that's the mother of... coff-coff? It isn't 'The Wall', is it? And if it is, can I have a DNA test please?
  2. While I'm on the subject of 'who the f*ck is that', who was Bunkers boyfriend? Could he possibly be a past superhero redefined within the New 52?
  3. Does Kid Flash and Solstice's appearance on this book imply they will be appearing in the new series as well?
  4. Was Skitters origin explained for the sole purpose of amalgamating it into another plot-line further down the road?
  5. How come Trigon has suddenly disconnected his ties with his daughter, Raven? Have I missed a crucial piece of the pie from a book I don't pick up? And if that's the case, why didn't this issue refer to it somehow?
  6. Why cancel this series when there will be a new one in a couple of months time? It doesn't make any sense to me. It's like someone quitting their job and then applying for the same one not so long thereafter!

Nuff said.

TEEN TITANS #30 TEEN TITANS #30 Reviewed by David Andrews on May 08, 2014 Rating: 5
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