Rihanna As Wonder Woman Like many of you, I'm sure, music is a form of entertainment I listen to on a constant and semi-frequent basis. On the train trip to work I regularly rock and roll with Rihanna. Whilst walking back home from the shops I slide with the Stones. Basically, any time I have to travel from point A to point Z, I use this ample opportunity to tune up and turn into whatever I really love to hear.

Having said that, though, there have been a couple of occasions were I've run out of music to listen to. So what I try to do then, my friends, is to carry out a simple video to mp3 conversion to appease my anthemic appetites.

In essence, I use a marvelous software application that relieves Youtube of its audio contents. Of course I do choose what song or clip I so desire beforehand. And after that, I download it onto my own personal portable device and play, play, play.

Well, if I'm going to be completely honest, musical mates, songs, themes, and many other forms of toe-tapping tunes, are a very important part of my everyday life. Work. Home. Gym. Travel. Or anywhere else I may go. Without music, I'd be as happy as a constipated politician with a conscious. For that matter, I can say the said-same thing about most people out there as well. Here. Check out the following inforgraphic for more details.

The Music Industry As Seen From the Social Web
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