Shhhh! Be very-very quite. He's back. And he might be able to hear you reading this comic book Published by Marvel, in June, 2014, created by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. Oh, sh*t! I think he's heard us talking. Quick. Read faster. Or else we might oooooooeeee..........*

To QUOTE Josh Fox: 'I'm a night owl, and luckily my profession supports that. The best ideas come to me in the dead of night'.

Now let me see if I've understood you correctly, Shroud. You've tracked me down. You've persistently hounded me . And you've purposely tried to kick my face in, all because you want us to join forces and then go and capture my old arch enemy, the Owl.

Hey? What's wrong with you? Haven't you ever heard of email?

Anyway, I suppose I can agree with your proposition. As much as I abhor your inane tactics, at the end of the day the Owl has been a priority of mine since I've arrived in San Francisco. But I tell you what though! This time I'll be in charge of making the plans. Me. Matt Murdock. Also known as the Man without feeeaaaa...*

F*CK! Where did that come from?

Whilst I was reading this adventure I thought there were three things in it that stood out from the crowd .

For a start, I best mention that Chris Samnee's artwork was blooming amazing on the page. And I especially loved how he coyly paced Matt when he visited the Owl's sanctuary. It was as though he was a lady of leisure, taking a nice leisurely stroll towards the shops.

Next, I have to applaud how this simple tale was well paced, well constructed, and well engrossing to figure out.  In my eyes it felt like an episode of Columbo, yet with a lost less mumbling, and a lot more pounding. 

And last but not least, I'm really-really happy that Foggy's fate has finally been revealed. Honestly, folks. All along this amazing discovery was staring at us straight in the face, but Mark being Mark, he waited for just the right moment to bring this sub-plot to the fore.

Boy! What a great writer that man truly is!

As implied by my silly summation, the only thing I found at fault with this story-line was the Shrouds tactics in asking Matt for his help. Well. Let's face it. Couldn't he have taken a leaf out of Matt's book, and just asked him for some assistance without any of the fighting or the hounding?

Makes sense to me.

Without a shadow of a doubt I feel compelled to musically compare this adventure with the Bruce Springsteen song, 'Dancing in the Dark', mainly because they're both jazzy in tone, and involve people messing about in the dark. 

On a conceptual level this adventure is about a unifying partnership that eventually leads into a sudden separation. And in my book, nothing says 'sudden separation' more than the beautiful actress, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Oi! Don't groan. You know it makes sense. Ha!

I'm going to go a bit silly again with my conclusion, dear reader. Because instead of telling you what I feel about this topic or that topic, what I'll rather do is present you with a number of possible scenarios, depicting how this tale ended.

Well, what you think is more plausible? Would it be...

  1. The Shroud asking Matt for some cash to buy his next hoodie by urinating on his shoes.
  2. Daredevil clubbing the Owl to death with a garden rake.
  3. The Owl sitting in his chair, waiting for one his henchmen to feed him more bird-seed.
  4. Ten thousand tons of noodles made in a heated swimming pool. 
  5. Matt Murdock supposedly falling to his 'death'. 
  6. Charlotte and Kirsten embracing each other under the moon light.
  7. Daredevil, The Shroud, and The Owl, all singing the Bruce Springsteen song I mentioned earlier.
  8. The sudden arrival of Spider-Man and Wolverine, pleading with Matt for him to join PETA.
  9. Lady Gaga wearing a potato based tunic.

Ha! Nuff said.

DAREDEVIL #3 DAREDEVIL #3 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 05, 2014 Rating: 5
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