Do you know where you can find an octopus down on his luck? I do. You can locate this slippery sod on 'squid row'! Its two blocks away from the offices of DC Comics, just behind where Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul came up with this fish based gag. They did it in July, 2014.

To QUOTE W. C. Fields: 'I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it'.

After beating the cr*p out of some drug-dealing Sumo wrestler last issue, Batman now has to console Elena's young daughter about her mother's death, whilst Harvey Bullock and the Gotham City Police Department track down one of the Squids henchmen.

Oh! And while I'm on the topic of sea based urchins, nearing the end of this adventure, Batman also has a rather strained face-off with a giant squid! In an aquarium no less!

Now there are many different aspects about this third part of 'Icarus' I could praise, dear reader. I could start off by saying how much I loved Francis' consistently moody artwork. And compare it to the likes of Steve Dikto or even Jim Steranko's efforts. Then again, I could also say something about Brian's earthy yet bold story-line. And try to hypothesize how it came across one part seventies crime-drama, and one part sixties television series.

You know. Especially after looking at those scenes where Batman fought a giant squid, or how Harvey integrated himself into the tale in a very 'Dirty Harry' type manner. But I tell you what though. What I loved even more about this adventure were all those questions it kept on throwing up into the air. Such as...

* Who is the squid and why did he give himself such a silly name?
* Will Elena's daughter follow her mother's footstep's now Batman has given her a good talking to?
* How big can Squid's actually grow?
* Will Harvey team-up with Catwoman as he's suddenly become a singleton come cat lover?
* And who was that guy in the mustache at the end of the book?

I suppose I only have one real complaint to make about this comic book. If Batman is such a stickler about keeping his true identity a secret -- especially since he goes to all that trouble of using code words and what-not to hide it -- why on Earth did he take off his mask and sulk as he did mid-way through this adventure?

OK. I know that nobody was around to see him do this. Plus I suspect this scene was included just to hit home how he felt about his conversation with Elena's daughter. But come off it, folks. This is Batman we're talking about! Mister Anal Retentive for seventy years running! Nothing will make him take off his mask unless someone pulls it off of his dead face.

For some strange reason I couldn't help but think of the following song sung by Bernard Bresslaw during that scene where Batman fought the giant squid. I wonder why though? Click on the clip below and maybe you can tell me, eh?

Because this comic was involved Batman perusing a villain called the squid -- which then led him to fight a giant sized squid housed in an aquarium -- I now think it would be a pretty good idea to compare it to something like... errr... I don't know... a piano or something.

Ha! I'm just kidding. This issue is a squid. And I don't mean it in a cockney sense either! Or else I'd get change. G*vnr!

On the very last page of this book Batman finds himself in a most diabolical situation. After his battle with papa-squid, suddenly he's surrounded by a group of villains plus an unknown aide. But who could it be? Surely not...

  1. Jim Gordon -- cause he wants to get away from all that trouble over on 'Batman Eternal'.  
  2. Simon Cowell -- who's still looking for some new contestants to star in his next season of 'X-Factor'
  3. Tim Drake -- see my Jim answer, but slightly less so I'd say.
  4. Jim Belushi -- Since he's always getting compared to his dead brother he thought that crime fighting would be a less dirty job than Hollywood movies.
  5. Alfred Pennyworth -- primed and ready with a cup of tea and a slice of Battenberg cake.
  6. Jim Carrey -- he's that funny faced loon who always wants to try something different.
  7. Mahatma Gandhi -- Hey! Now that would be different!
  8. Someone I don't know the name of who sports a mustache and red hair -- hmmmmm?

Nuff said.

DETECTIVE COMICS #32 DETECTIVE COMICS #32 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 23, 2014 Rating: 5
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