EARTH 2 #24

What's the difference between the characters featured in this comic book and a butt of a joke? Nothing, cause they're both waiting for the bloody punch-line! A punch-line that's about to be thrown in this issue created by Tom Taylor, Eddy Barrows, and DC Comics -- Published in July, 2014.

To QUOTE James A. Baldwin: 'Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up'.

With Connor Hawk dead, and the whole wide world in constant disarray from Parademon forces, the remaining heroes of Earth Two have to now ask themselves one simple question. What's better, to argue amongst themselves or save Jay Garrick from his captors.

Now Hawkgirl knows the answer. And I suspect so does Jimmy Olsen as well.

From my point of view I'd say there were three things about this forth part of 'The Kryptonian' that stood out from the crowd.  

Firstly, I best mention how much I loved Eddy Barrows' beautifully detailed illustrations. Despite being a stand-in for Nicola Scott in this issue, that doesn't necessarily mean his efforts went unnoticed. His expressions were very expressive and his action scenes really packed a punch.   

The next thing I'd like to say is that I enjoyed that scene were Alan Scott put on his 'John Wayne hat' and did that whole War-Time spiel about 'never leaving a man behind'. For a moment there I almost saw the Alan of old pocking through his New 52 version. Good stuff.

And last but not least I thought the best part of this tale was when Jimmy Olsen told Thomas Wayne off for being such a sullen git. Well, come of it, folks. Wasn't it about time someone told him that he should start to try and act like his son? Especially if he wants to be worthy of his mantel!  

Over the last couple of installments I've only had one real complaint to make against this series. Tom Taylor's story-lines are too quick to read, and once again this is my only real complaint. Honestly, dear reader. Although I loved reading it, the whole thing took me roughly five minutes to read from start to finish. Too-too quick.

After 'analysing' that scene where Jimmy gave Thomas a good talking to about his down-beat attitude, I think it only right that I pair up this tale with the following song sung by Judy Garland.

In it's most silliest sense, of course. Ha!

OK. I know that this might sound like a rather peculiar thing to say. But because this tale involved a lot of fighting and a lot of emotional angst, I thought it would be a pretty good idea to compare it to a silly spat against two rival pop-stars. You know. Like those pictured for instance. Hint-Hint!

At the end of this issue Val does something in front of Jimmy which is rather bodacious to behold. 'But what could it be?' you might ask yourself. Surely he doesn't...

  1. Eat a hamburger in a disgruntled fashion.
  2. Kill himself with a chunk of kryptonite.
  3. Show Jimmy his willy.
  4. Declare he's a secret warrior from Apokolips.
  5. Try to sell Jimmy inexpensive car insurance.
  6. Unveil a 'S shaped sign' underneath his shabby garments.
  7. Announce that he's gay and is about to marry Alan Scott.
  8. Deflate a monkey from the inside out.
  9. Take Jimmy by his hand and throws him all the way to Jupiter.
  10. Masturbate.

Nuff said.

EARTH 2 #24 EARTH 2 #24 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 19, 2014 Rating: 5
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