Now it's with great regret to inform you that this will be the last issue of Nightwing for at least a couple of months. So in the meantime, please give grace to those funny looking creators, Tim Seeley, Tom King, Javier Garron, Jorge Lucas, and Mikel Jannin. May DC Comics have mercy on their souls, in June, 2014. Amen.

To QUOTE a book by Thomas Wolfe: 'You can't go home again'.

I suppose I've done quite a lot of things throughout my life. I've been an acrobat in the circus. I've been a brightly colored teenage side-kick. And I've even been a hero in my own right. However, since the 'Crime Syndicate' captured me, tortured me, and made me into a living weapon, Batman has asked me to become something else.  

You see, after hearing a sad story from his old friend, Doctor Leslie Thompkins, Bat's has found out that a secret organisation called 'Spyral' are on a quest to track down and kill every hero on the planet. What's more, now that everyone thinks I'm pushing up daisies, he's asked me to cast away my old identity of 'Nightwing', and penetrate this covert unit on my own.

Of course I was more than willing to oblige. Sort of. Dick Grayson is now ready and reporting for duty, sir.

I want to hate this issue, folks. I really do. I want to crumple it up in my hands and rip it to pieces because it may be the last time I see Dick posing as Nightwing again.

But no. I can't bring myself to do this. And do you want to know why? It's because this was one of the most supercharged and personal stories I've read for a very-very long time.

For a start I thought the artwork by Javier Garron, Jorge Lucas, and my old pal Mikel Jannin, was right on the money. And never once did I feel their styles clash in any way shape or form. Also, after reading this tale, I could tell that Tim Seeley and Tom King's story was well researched, well structured, and had a very dynamic tone to it too.   

On top of that I best mention how I got a right kick out the way this tale acted as a bridge between this issue and the new 'Grayson' ongoing series, without it feeling too overt or too obvious in the execution.

And last but not least, wasn't it a nice surprise to see Doctor Leslie Thompkins back on the books again?

Yeah. I thought you'd agree.

The only aspect about this adventure I wasn't too keen on was the fact that Bruce Wayne doesn't want anyone else to know that Dick is still alive. OK. I'm sure there's a very logical and reasonable explanation for this. One relating to keeping himself -- plus others -- safe from harms way. But come off it. This is our old pal Dick we're talking about. Sooner or later someone is bound to bump into him and find out he's alive and well.

You know. Someone like Red Hood and The Outlaws perhaps? Hint-hint!

The way I see it there is only one song I can think of that will fit this great comic book like a glove. 'Father and Son' by Cat Stevens. Say no more.

A large chunk of this tale was dedicated to Bruce and Dick beating the living crap out of each other, whilst Bruce tries to explain to him what he should do with his life next. So with that in mind, my friends, I'd say this personal parable has quite a lot in common with a father arguing with his own son. Bless.

My journey into comic books began a long time ago when me and my Dad visited our local sweet-shop / tobacconists. Out of the blue my Dad decided to pick up a random comic from the shelves, and handed it to me saying, 'When I was a kid I used to love these things. So go on, son. Have a go yourself. You never know. You might like it too'.

Now the comic in question was an old 'Batman Family Giant', and it was about Robin, Batgirl, and Manbat, fighting some moon-faced villain called 'The Outsider'. To begin with I couldn't seem to connect with any of the heroes involved at all. Mainly because they came across as very stoic, very straight-laced, and very disciplined as well. But -- you guessed it -- as time went on and I started to really click with this new 'hobby' of mine more and more. And I'd say this was all down to one character and one character alone -- Dick Grayson.

Well, for some strange reason I could seem to identify with Dick. Maybe this had something to do with me being crap at hitting on the fairer sex? Or then again maybe this was because -- like him -- I'm one-half clown and one-half 'take charge' type of a guy.

Yeah. Straight up! In my time I have been known to take charge of things, folks. Just like I would like one of you to take over reviewing one the comic books on my site.

So go on. Will you be like Dick in this issue and try something new? If so, please contact me on my website and I'll tell you what I have in mind.

Nuff said.

NIGHTWING #30 NIGHTWING #30 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 09, 2014 Rating: 5
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