Come over here this instant, young man. Because how many times do I have to tell you not to hang round with DC Comics, in June, 2014? Well, just between the two of us, of course. I heard through the grapevine they've been caught discombobulating with Sean Ryan, and Andre Coelho, even though they don't know what it means.

To QUOTE Ernest Bevin: 'Unintelligent people always look for a scapegoat'.

Now you listen here, Mister Secretary. I've had a ruff day of it already. First the courts are blaming me for that whole 'Crime Syndicate' debacle. And now you're trying to tell me you've rebuilt Belle Reve prison, re-branded Task Force X, and want to use me as some sort of lap dog!?!?!?!

Hmmm. Alright then. Fair enough. I suppose it could be a lot worse, eh? I could be behind bars with Floyd Lawson for instance. Or even on the receiving end of one of Black Manta's slaps.

OK, Mister Secretary. You got yourself a deal. I'm in. Amanda Waller is in.   

Wow! What a great issue of 'Suicide Squad' that truly was, dear reader. Sean Ryan's politically intriguing story-line worked well with the characters. Andre Coelho's artwork blended in well with Sean's story-line. And all in all -- yeah -- good job. As it was a nice way to end one series and then lead it into another.

From my point of view the best thing about this tale was how you could really feel Amanda's frustration. Poor cow, being used as a scapegoat because 'the powers that be' want to swipe her team and use her as a 'patsy'.

Still. At the same time the silly cow had it coming to her sooner or later, eh? Especially since she's become such a manipulative person over the last year or two!

What's more, isn't it great news that Floyd finally has his mustache back! Whoo-Hooo! I just hope he'll be able you flaunt it in the new series, without his face being blown off in the process. Ha!


The only thing about this comic book I wasn't too keen on was the way that the general through-line was structured. In its own amiable way it just meandered in between its three central characters, darting about from Waller's story, Floyd's story, and Manta's story, until it was eventually resolved.

Also, why on Earth was Manta given some page time on this book, when he's never even appeared in it before? Then again, maybe this is DC's method of wedging him into the up and coming Suicide Squad re-launch. 

Now when I was trying to come up with a musical comparison for this adventure, I said myself, 'What song has a feminine vocal, an administrate vibe, plus a militaristic pace that's both sixties and bold at the same time?'. And though and behold, the theme tune for 'Are You Being Served?' is now on offer.

Because of all of that governmental stuff and nonsense that happened in the prison, in the office, and in the court room, in my eyes this escapade felt like a very official type of escapade. And to me nothing says 'official' more than a note pad and a pen.

Or, you know, anything else written on official stationary.

Isn't it a shame that the last issue of 'Suicide Squad' was the best one out of the bunch? Still. Never mind, eh? At least it ended on a fairly promising note. Plus we also learned a lot from this series too. Such as...

  1. Never trust the government.
  2. If you really want to be a good guy, try to steer clear from the name 'El Diablo'.
  3. Sharks can't digest their food properly.
  4. Never be a bad villain, be a more proactive villain instead.
  5. If you're Chinese, you're bound to know a member of the Triad.
  6. Mustaches work on assassins.
  7. A slimmer Waller doesn't necessarily make for a better Waller.
  8. If you ever have sex with a gookie goth chick, always use protection. Metallic protection.
  9. Explosive neck collars come in a variety of different sizes.
  10. A Squad without Ben and Rick is only half a Squad.
  11. Being nice may make your life longer, yet being nasty sure makes it fun.
  12. Whenever DC doesn't know what to do with a title, they cancel it and then reboot it within a couple of month's time.

Nuff said.

SUICIDE SQUAD #30 SUICIDE SQUAD #30 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 12, 2014 Rating: 5
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