Batman Kissing Wonder Woman Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date a genuine superhero? Here at Lovestruck.com, we reckon it would be quite easy to fall for the chiselled jaw and muscly torso of our favourite superhero. Or better yet, the charm and curves of our top superheroines.

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With Batman firmly on our radar, we thought we’d take a look at how he would fare as a date:

Julie MadisonPROS:

* Going to a restaurant in Gotham City with Batman would be a pretty interesting experience. We could ditch our cutlery because he’d have everything we would need in his utility belt.

* We would arrive at any date location in style in his sleek Batmobile. Late for your cinema viewing or table booking? Not to worry, the Batmobile’s five-cylinder engine is apparently more powerful than a turbo jet engine, so travelling across Gotham would take just a matter of seconds.

* In fact, getting from A to B is only going to be great fun when your date is Batman, because along with his Batmobile, we’d very much like a ride in the Batplane or one of his other cool crime-fighting modes of transport.

Vicki Vale Sexy
* We imagine he’d be a great listener, plus the conversation -- without a doubt -- would be emotional. We also imagine he’d ask a lot of questions too -- after all, he is an expert in interrogation techniques and is seriously intelligent. But he would most probably avoid answering much about himself. And whatever you do, don’t ask him to reveal his true identity!

* If you’re dating a guy or girl who can save the world, then if a major problem arises -- like an evil Joker causing mass destruction -- he’s gonna save your ass, right? We know Gotham City may come first, yet we wouldn't worry about stockpiling water or canned food in case of an emergency, ‘cos as long as Batman is on speed-dial, you’re sorted.

* We know we might be getting ahead of ourselves here, but if Batman ever invited us back to his Batcave, we would be there before you could say: “These headquarters are secret!”. I mean, for Christ sake, how fun would it be to play dress up with his selection of ancient outfits. We would also like to take a selfie with his T-Rex, please.

* Even though this might sound rather obvious, Batman's alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, is stinking rich. So do I need to say anymore than that?

Adam West and Julie Newmar

Batman on a date

* While we think Batman’s Batsuit is a really good look because he definitely has the body to pull it off (Lycra is not everyone’s best friend), dating someone who wears the same thing, day in day out, could get a little bit boring.

* Batman might have his dark brooding moments, and wouldn’t be the easiest to get close to, especially after the trauma of his past. Also, we reckon he could get pretty scary if you had a row…

Overall date rating: 8/10. He may have his moods but he’s intelligent, ripped, and powerful. We’re sold!

Can you think of more reasons why Batman would make a good (or bad) date? Tell us @ComicsAndMovies and @Lovestruck

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