Oh my God, dear reader! Can you see what's happening on that amazing cover provided? Some poor lady has just been electrocuted by the fire-works mafia! Whatever next? A fairly dynamic tale created by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, and Published by: DC Comics, in July, 2014? Let's hope so, eh?

To QUOTE Bruce Lee: 'Knowledge will give you power, but character respect'.

Once you get around to reading this second part of 'The Injustice League', I'm nigh on positive you'd figure out the following five comic book facts. (1) Bruce Wayne thinks Lex Luthor is a bit of a blackmailing tosser. (2) Alfred is a dab hand with a service revolver. (3) Captain Cold is amazed when he gets a new job offer at Lex-Corp. (4) The Magic of Shazam can make a pretty decent ping-pong table. And (5) Wearing Power Ring's 'Power Ring' is a bit of a b*tch.  
Say no more.

Oh my God! How on Earth do I start praising this marvelous issue of the 'Justice League'? Do I begin by saying how much I loved Ivan's always consistent and detailed artwork? Do I give kudos to Alfred for pointing a gun at Lex Luthors head? Or how about explaining to you how I had a jolly good chuckle when Shazam magically conjured up a ping-pong table over on the Watchtower?  Or what about when Power Ring... err... wait a minute here! I think I've said too much already. Sorry about that, folks. I hope I haven't spoilt anything for you!

Anyway, I still think that this was one hell of a great issue to read! The story was a fairly nice one to follow, and I especially liked that sequence where Bruce and Lex had a battle of words, even though at the end of the day nothing seemed to be clearly resolved. Also, it was nice seeing Shazam and Cyborg share some much needed page time together. As it was about bloody time, wasn't it?

As much as I can understand why the structure of this piece zigzagged all over the place -- due to the amount of story-strands it was juggling all at once -- that still doesn't mean I have to fawn over it in prose. Personally speaking I find this type of 'plodding construction method' can occasionally dilute the essence of the overall narrative. And even though it didn't quite do that in this case, there were a couple of moments I wished it could have stayed longer with one part of the story, when it then diverted my attention somewhere else.

As soon as I saw that magical scene with the ping-pong table in it, nigh on straight away I knew what song I had to musically compare this comic book to. Enrique Iglesias'  'Do You Know?'.  Click to see why...

Now would you think me a fool if I compared this comic book to a ping-pong table? Well, you have to understand, dear reader, that I am using this analogy for three very specific reasons. Firstly, because of that scene with the ping-pong table in it. Secondly, because this tale and this table are both fun to follow and watch. And thirdly, because of the zigzag type structure this story has got in spades.

At the end of this issue a team popped up out of the blue, primed and ready to kick the living cr*p out of Power Ring's ass. But who could this team be, I wonder? Surely not...

  1. The A-Team -- Cause I pity the fool who don't acknowledge a shiny piece of jewelery.
  2. The Suicide Squad -- Well, as they couldn't maintain their own title, they might as well try someone else's.
  3. A Roadside Break Down and Recover Team -- If you got the insurance, why not use it?
  4. The Doom Patrol -- The original version yet with a few new tweaks thrown in for good measure.
  5. A Pair of Tag-Team Wrestlers -- Preferably of the female variety.
  6. Justice League Antarctica -- Please let this be true.
  7. The Green Lantern Corps -- Hey! That sound's completely reasonable to me.
  8. Team America -- F*ck Yeah!

Nuff said. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE #31 JUSTICE LEAGUE #31 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 08, 2014 Rating: 5
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