Iron-Wolverine Over the last decade, comic book fans have had plenty of reasons to go to the cinema regularly as many of their favourite Marvel comic heroes have starred in their own big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. But as so often happens when a book or a comic is turned into a film, there are bound to be small and sometimes even large differences between the comic’s storyline and that of the film.

That’s why Gala Casino, who offer a number of Marvel-themed games, have investigated some of the most popular Marvel-heroes to uncover some of the aspects the filmmakers decided to change in their interpretation of the comics. This led us to do the same and explore how different Marvel movie characters differ from the comic characters.

Iron Man Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. plays one of the most well-liked Marvel heroes: Tony Stark aka Iron Man. He is a cocky, yet genius inventor and a billionaire entrepreneur. After being kidnapped by terrorist, who force him to build weapons, Tony Stark builds the Iron Man suit to escape and fight evil. He features in the Iron Man trilogy and The Avengers.

(1) In the film J.A.R.V.I.S. is Tony Stark’s AI. In the comics he is the long serving butler of the Stark family.
(2) In the film Tony’s enemy Obadiah Stane, who was portrayed by Jeff Bridges, was a close family friend who even helped to raise Tony. In the comics Stane had worked with Tony’s father but their connection wasn’t as personal.
(3) In the films Tony and Pepper begin a relationship, whereas in the comics, Pepper admires Tony but ends up falling in love with his chauffeur Happy Hogan, and the two even get married. 


Wolverine is portrayed by the Australian actor Hugh Jackman. He’s featured in seven X-Men movies. The character of Wolverine was born as James Howlett, although he later adopts the name of his father Logan, whom he kills by accident when he is very young. He has the ability to heal, which allowed the metal adamantium to be fused with his bones making him virtually indestructible as shown in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine

(1) In the films, Wolverine is often seen fighting by the side of other X-Men, making him one of the leading roles of the films. In the comics, he is much more of a loner and instead Cyclops is the main character. For the films however, Cyclops’ role was heavily reduced.
(2) In the films, Wolverine’s ability to heal is much more advanced and he can recover from major injuries within a few minutes, whereas the comics it takes him much longer to recover.
(3) In the films, Wolverine’s brother is Victor Howlett (aka Sabretooth) but in the comics the two are not related at all.

Professor X
Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, is played by Patrick Stewart. His younger version in X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of the Future Past is portrayed by James McAvoy. Despite being tied to a wheelchair after accidentally being shot in the back by Magneto, he is one of the most powerful telepaths on earth and the leader of the mutant rights movement. 

(1) In the films, the relationship between Jean Grey and Professor X is that of a mentor and a protégé. In the comics, Professor X has feelings for Jean, although he never lets her know.
(2) In the films, Xavier and Mystique share a long history and they even grew up together. In the comics they are not as closely connected.

Telling a story in the time span that a film offers is bound to bring about some changes to the storyline. In all cases, the filmmakers have tried to stay true to the essence of what makes these characters so dear to us. The least alterations have been made to the character of Iron Man as he is still very similar to the comics. Conversely Wolverine and Professor X have seen the most change. The former has leading roles in the films and is not portrayed as a loner like in the comics, the latter has been deprived of his love interest and major changes were made to his relationship with Mystique.

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