Sexy Wonder Woman Cosplay It's official. Wonder Woman is lonely and has taken to the world of online dating. Her very public on/off relationship with Superman has left her ‘disillusioned with superheroes’, and so she is seeking a ‘normal, weak man’, with squidgy bits, who accepts and loves her for who and what she is. Lovestruck.com can now reveal for the first time how her online profile reads...

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Name: “Diana Prince from Thymescria", but people often call me 'Wonder Woman'.
Ethnicity: Greek origin but my dress-sense is typically patriotic American..
Age: Er, ask me about it, but I will say I look good for my years.
Build: Amazon. Slim, powerful, athletic. Very.
Height: 5ft 11
Eyes: Blue. I wear glasses during the day but my vision is pretty perfect.
Hair: Dark brown, thick, long.
Style: I love shiny tights, tiaras, bracelets, and I’m hoping to make the lasso a new fashion-accessory.
Occupation: Army Intelligence by day, International Heroine when called upon.

Sexy Wonder Woman Cosplay Sexy Wonder Woman Cosplay Sexy Wonder Woman Cosplay

Hobbies: Catching bad guys, hand-to-hand combat, deflecting bullets, jumping great heights, running (Usain Bolt ain't got nothing on me), and generally fighting for your rights in shiny tights and tight lycra. 

Travel: I travel often so I have my own private jet. It’s invisible too. No, it really is.

Tell us about yourself…
I was born on the Island of Themyscira, and although my mum’s a Queen I’m no prissy princess. I’ve never met my father but I’ve received many letters from men claiming ‘they’re the daddy…’

Some would say my dating values belong in the 1940’s…I am most passionate about: justice, peace, and sexual equality. If you ask me what I'm cooking you for dinner, you will be shown... sorry... thrown through the door. 

I like honest men too. Yet to be frank, I have a way of checking they are, so there’s really no point in lying or cheating on me.

Vices: You’ll often see me urgently ducking down alleyways, seeking disused buildings, and hiding behind telephone boxes. Don't ask me about it but I assure you I'm not doing drugs and it's not a crack habit. In fact, I don’t even drink. Last time I got hammered on the dance floor of some club, my version of “you spin me right round’ left several club goers blinded by the sudden flash.

Message me up if:
  • You don’t mind me being called away from a dinner date or erotic embrace at short notice.
  • You like Lycra
  • Being lasso'ed and tied up
  • You don’t mind being beaten by a woman. At like, everything.
  • You don’t mind being outlived by me. For some reason, I just don’t seem to age, must be good genes.

P.s. If your name is Superman, don’t bother! Been there, got the lycra tee.

OK. So what would your reply to Wonder Woman’s dating ad be? And why do you think she’s the hottest female in the comic book world? Come on. Tell us @lovestruck.

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