So you want to know truth, do ya? Well, pal, you can't handle the truth. And neither can Brian Buccellato, Francis Manapul, or any of those other clowns over at DC Comics! So go on. You just ask them. But not until I've read this great comic book Published in August, 2014.

To QUOTE Yogi Berra: 'Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets'.

As soon as Batman and Harvey Bullock suddenly hear a dramatic explosion over by the waterfront, in haste, both of them quickly rush off to see what the f*ck is going on.

However, once there, they discover an evil plot involving the biker known as Holter. And I tell you something for nothing, folks. Holter's evil plot entails him perverting his own daughter, as well as something to do with making drugs out of a contained paranormal teenager.

Well, I think he's a teenager. Maybe I should have asked him, eh?


Or maybe not!

On the surface this final part of 'Icarus' was a pretty great book to read. All of the art-work provided by Brian and Francis -- especially the moody cover -- was very atmospheric and noir-like on the page. Plus to a certain extent I did love following those scenes between Batman and Harvey -- as well as that one where Bruce 'bulked up' -- because they did add something special I wasn't expecting to see.

As for the actually story-line on the other hand, well, it was OK I suppose. Nothing spectacular. Even though at the end the day a plot was told and a crisis was averted, complemented by a very earthy and dynamic vibe.

Well, when I say 'crisis', what I mean by this is 'trial by creator' type scenario where Brian and Frances took a stab at seeing what they can come up with for old pointy ears. Now where this is heading in the future is anybody's guess, really. But I have faith, my friend. Faith that this story is a 'trial run' to something truly special.

On a narrative level this whole 'Icarus' story-line was about a gruff looking biker who siphons drugs from a super-charged teenager, whilst getting his own back against his ex in the process. Now I'm sure you will agree with me when I say this sound's like a pretty simple story-line to follow. Yet, from my point of view, the overall package took quite a bit of time to actually figure out what was really going on. Cause one minute it about one thing and the next minute it was about something else - Squid-Squid-Squid. And it wasn't until this very issue that I could finally understand what was what, in spite of its abrupt yet fairly bi-polar pacing.

Also, why didn't Batman tell Anne what her father was up to? Plus why didn't he arrest her for committing a crime? Was this an act of chivalry on his behalf? And if so, I think it needed to be explained better within the confines of the plot.

Without beating about the bush I'd say this adventure was about a very-very-very bad daddy. So I tell you what. How about I pair it up to the album created by the one and only, 'Big Bad Voodoo Daddy'? Sound's good to me!

OK. So this may be my more 'movie side' speaking. But essentially this story was about a father who wanted to corrupt his child so they can see things from his perspective. And in my book, dear reader, that screams out only one person in the known universe.

Yes. Him. Darth Vader.  

Nearing the end of this adventure Harvey Bullock tries to do something to Batman which he ultimately gets away from. 'But what could it be?' you might ask yourself. Surely he doesn't attempt to...

  1. Grab him by his nuts and then throw him at a giant squid -- Hey! It did happen a couple of issue's ago!
  2. Marry him off to Kim Kardashian -- In spite being protested by Kanye West.
  3. Dress him up as a little school girl and attempt to sell him to a perv -- Wait a minute! Wasn't that the plot of an old Batman episode from the sixties?
  4. Arrest him because he's in a position to do so -- Well, what could it hurt?
  5. Read him a nursery rhyme about a goat and a hen -- If I remember rightly there was a monkey in it too.  
  6. Explain to him why he should reconsider changing him home contents insurance -- In spite being protested by Kanye West.
  7. Touch him in a place that is only reserved for Selina Kyle -- Errr...

Nuff said. 

DETECTIVE COMICS #34 DETECTIVE COMICS #34 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 13, 2014 Rating: 5
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