EARTH 2 #26

I've made it, Ma. I'm top of the world. Although, come to think of it, which world am I actually on? Hey! Tom Taylor! Nicola Scott! Or any of you schmucks over at DC Comics! Can one of you please tell me where the f*ck I am. It's cold out here, and I desperately want to get inside to read the following comic book Published in August, 2014.

To QUOTE W. H. Auden: 'We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know'.

This is it, folks. This is the one we've all been dying to read. With Naughty-Superman, Baron Bedlam, and Darkseid's evil forces on one side of the page. Whilst on the other we have Bat-Daddy, Ms Aquawoman, Red-Lois, Super... errr.... boy.. thing, Ant-man looking Flash, Flamboyant Lantern, plus the rest of the Worlds Army. Who wins? Who dies? Who escapes? Who orders take out? Who cares? I do. And so should you too. Cause if you don't DC Comics will be up sh*t creak without a paddle.

Case closed.  

Even though this may sound like a very back handed complement, overall I'd say the best thing about this final part of 'The Kryptonian' is that it's finally come to an end. Well, let's face it, folks. Doesn't everyone like a finale to end all finale's? Particularly when it's jam packed with amazing art-work by Nicola Scott, some really suspenseful fight scenes, plus a couple of nice little twists thrown in for good measure.

Of course I can't tell you what these revelations are or else I might spoil the surprise. But what I can say is that Superman's final fate is revealed, and that the Apokoliptian War seems to be coming to a close.

I think so, anyway. Though I could be wrong. A little bit. Not much. Just a smidge. A nano-smidge transformed into a huge cross-over event, Ha!

From my point of view there were only two aspects about this adventure that didn't float my boat. Firstly, once again I wasn't pleased with how quick it was for me to read. In my opinion less than five minutes isn't cool considering it costs $2.99 to buy. And secondly, I couldn't help but groan when one of the bad-guys -- who shall remain nameless for the sake of spoilers -- got away in a single page, even though it took the heroes half the book to finally kick him into touch. 

Would it be too corny of me if I musically paired up this parable with Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song'? Yeah. It most probably would, wouldn't it? Still. Those are the breaks I suppose. Especially since both of them are fairly cinematic and dramatic to follow.

In around about way I'd say this tale reminded me of wedding confetti because their both very colorful to look at, very quick to deploy, and very nippy to blow away in the breeze. Nudge-Nudge! Wink-Wink! Spoiler-Spoiler!

OK. So now DC have finally put everything in place for them to publish their weekly 'Earth's End' event, what can we expect to see? Well, according to their press release, this mini-series will unveil a number of facts relating to the Thomas Wayne Batman, the Val-Zod Superman, as well as all the other superheroes who populate this title.

But is that enough to justify a spin off, you might wonder! No. Not for me anyway. What this series really needs is some solid team building and character development to make it worth more than it currently is.  Come on DC. Make this book into a team book with some worthwhile history behind it. We JSA fans desperately want to see a Flash and a Green Lantern who can live up to the names of Jay Garrick and Alan Scott. Not another colorful comic full of characters that are either angst ridden or two dimensional in tone.

Now don't get me wrong. I more than understand that this 'Earth's End' malarkey might be able to do just that. And in so doing allow each character some time to breath and feel and to be who they're actually meant to be. Having said that, though, at the moment I'm not one hundred percent sold on the idea. Plus I'm sure that one way or another, we -- the fans -- will finally find out if DC are behind this book or not.

It time to put your money on the table, chaps. Is it sh*t, or bust? Nuff said. 

EARTH 2 #26 EARTH 2 #26 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 14, 2014 Rating: 5
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