You know how to whistle, don't you, Brett? You just put your lips together and blow. And if you can't do that, I suggest you create a comic book with your colleague, Robert Venditti, and then allow DC Comics to Publish it in August, 2014. Go on Mister Booth. Give it a bash.

To QUOTE Jim Morrison: "Love cannot save you from your own fate".

Essentially this installment of the Flash is a tale of three unequal halves. In present day continuity, we see Barry figuring out how some beefed up goon called Jones is associated to the 'MashUp Killer'. In another part of the tale he also has to track down Wally West before he does something bloody stupid. Whilst seven years in the future, Future Flash has to f*ck up a bank robbery spearheaded by the Trickster, or else someone else will snuff it.  

Even though the main brunt of this tale wasn't really my own cup of tea -- the main one involving the Flash fighting off a big hulking monster -- I have to say I found the rest of it pretty damn decent to follow.

What I liked about it the most was how we saw another side of Barry's personally -- the more humane side. For instance, instead of him telling Iris to 'piss off and help her own nephew out', he actually tried his best to chip in, so to speak. Also, I liked Future Flash's menacing temperament when he tried to persuade 'The Trickster' to change the error of his ways. Despite being noticeably ominous with his diction, at the end of the day I'm sure it would have been a lot easier to kill him than to talk to him.

Something else about this adventure I additionally enjoyed was Brett's amazing art-work. Yes, dear reader. I know that I've made this point in my previous Flash reviews. But how can I not mention his dynamic visuals, eh? If I don't, he might not re-tweet this post later. Ha!

The only thing I have against this issue would be that I didn't find it a very memorable read. Now of course I do mean this with all due respect. Cause as I said before, both the art and the story-line was fairly easy and dynamic to follow. Yet in essence all it ultimately accomplished was to set-up who the 'Mashup Killer' really was.

Know what I mean?

Am I being too obvious if I compared this comic book to The Spencer Davis Group's classic, 'Keep on Running'? Yeah. I would be, wouldn't I? Still. Tough sh*t. That's what I've got, and that's what you're gonna get. Peace out. Ha!

On a conceptual level this tale is about a man who tries his best to help out someone else but always runs into some sort of problem further down the line. And so to me, personally speaking, no one else can better define this type of character than the one and only, Moe Sizlack

As I stated at up above, at the very end of this issue Barry finally figures out who the 'MashUp Killer' ready is. So without any further ado, do you think you can guess who it is out of the following eight suspects?

  1. Snoop Dog -- Cause I heard he likes to mash things up.
  2. Future-Flash -- Hey! Why not? He's killed before, hasn't he?
  3. The Artist Formally Known As Prince -- Well, has anyone seen him lately? In my eyes he looks like a comic book villain, anyway. But smaller. A lot-lot smaller.
  4. Wally West -- At least this way he can visit his Uncle more often in prison.
  5. Captain Seborn -- Nah! That would be bloody ridiculous! Why on Earth would you want to make this character into a killer when we hardly know anything about him?
  6. Gordon Ramsey -- See the Snoop Dog answer for more details, yet replace the word 'things' with the word 'potato'.
  7. Patty Spivot -- Now that would be one hell of a twist!
  8. The Makers Behind The New Flash Television Series -- Yeah! That sound's completely reasonable to me.

Nuff said.

FLASH #33 FLASH #33 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 04, 2014 Rating: 5
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