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Roll up, roll up, and come gather round for I -- your ever humble reviewer -- am about to present to you -- my ever loving audience -- yet another one of my prize winning caption competitions. Yahooo! (or 'Google' is you prefer). This time though the prize in question is a $30 gift voucher donated to us by the t-shirt manufacturers over at...

Yes. That is correct, dear readers. Thirty smackers can be heading you way soon. So do you see that amusing picture displayed below? Yes? Good. Then please christen it with a silly caption of your own choosing post haste. But before you do that please remember to...

Step One) Look at the image.
Step Two) Write one -- and only one -- amusing caption in the Disqus comment system provided.
Step Three) Just in case you win, you must log into Disqus with a valid account I can contact you by.
Step Four) Once you've posted your comment, you have to share this post via Twitter, Facebook, G+, or... whatever else you may have at your disposal.

Funny Wonder Woman With A Beared

Furthermore, I best mention that you have to submit your entry by midnight, on the 15th of September, 2014, Greenwich Mean Time. OK. So have you got all that? Good. And good luck to you too.


RIPT APPAREL - CAPTION COMPETITION RIPT APPAREL - CAPTION COMPETITION Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on August 25, 2014 Rating: 5
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