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Green Arrow If you lived in a universe packed full on superheroes, which one would you like to date? There’s something about their quests to fight good over evil, amazing powers and incredible looks, that means here at Lovestruck.com, it’s a question we’ve asked ourselves a number of times. Green Arrow might be less well known than Superman, Batman, and Spiderman, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less hot! We thought we’d take a look at how we think he’d fare as a romantic possibility.

Green Arrow Pros
* He’s a billionaire businessman -- real name Oliver Queen -- so we would expect to be treated to first class travel, expensive restaurants, and plenty of champagne, please.
* He’s the finest archer on the planet and can shoot 29 arrows per minute and an incredible martial artist, so I think it’s safe to say he would keep any girlfriend very safe from harm. Bored with nothing to do? He could entertain us with his wide-variety of trick arrows, from time arrows to his infamous boxing-glove arrow.
* He’s also very self reliant, so should you ever be stuck somewhere without food and water, you’re guaranteed a slap-up meal for two a few hours later courtesy of his superior hunting skills. (He can pursue a cougar without it even noticing!)
* Green Arrow is part of the Justice League United, so he’s got some pretty cool contacts including Animal Man, Stargirl, and Martian Manhunter. Just think of the dinner parties!
* He’s passionate, intense, and an expert in acrobatics, so we imagine that he would rock in the bedroom.
* He owns and flies his own plane -- THE Arrowplane. We’re guessing he wouldn’t mind if we hopped aboard?

Green Arrow and Black Canary
* He used to be a bit of a playboy. OK. Scratch that. A MASSIVE playboy. And although he changed his ways after a boat accident, where he washed up on Starfish Island with just a bow, we couldn’t help but worry that he might revert back to his old ways.
* Although his pad -- the Arrowcave -- took inspiration from Batman’s Batcave, we’ve heard it’s a bit of a bachelor pad. Located somewhere in Seattle, its stuffed full of computers, metal benches, and training equipment. Where would we put all our girly stuff?
* He can cook -- which is a plus point -- but on the minus side, his Chilli is one of the hottest foods on the planet and the only people who can eat it without screaming in pain are Batman and Green Arrow himself. Yikes!
* Green Arrow might have his dark, brooding moments, and he’s killed 17 people and probably more, so we reckon he could get pretty scary if you had an argument.
* He looks good in green Lycra but we’re not convinced this is the best fashion choice.
* Nobody is completely baggage free but Green Arrow has a complicated past, including his exes, Dinah Laurel Lance -- aka Black Canary -- and Moonday Hake, to name just a few. He also -- quite possibly, maybe -- has a son named Robert by Shado, who won’t let him have anything to do with him. 

Overall date rating: 7/10/: Talented, fit, and wealthy. We’d definitely not say no to a date with Green Arrow!
Marriage rating: 4/10 Too much baggage, prone to tantrums…not a great track record with the ladies…

Can you think of more reasons why Green Arrow would make a good (or bad) date? Tell us @lovestruck

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