Justice League Selfie Yes, my friends. The title of this article says it all. I just loved those gimmicky covers provided by DC Comics during their self-titled, 'selfies month'. And do you know why I loved them so? Well. They were fresher than a naked hooker on a summers day. They were more modern than a Star Wars convention held in the future. Plus they also gave me the opportunity to now do what I do best. Take the Mickey out of them. Hey! It beats me reviewing 'Futures End', doesn't it?

Justice League Selfie

No. We're not lesbians,
but we're sure united. Wink-Wink

Batman selfie

Why are you smiling, brat? I've just
busted you for possessing cannabis

Green Lantern Selfie

Hold on a minute, John. I'm not that
much of a poser, poser.
Green Lantern Selfie

My third hand is stuck up Hal's butt.
Thus the smile. 
Flash Selfie

Suck my speed, super-sap!
Just not my pungent flatulence.

Wonder Woman Selfie

Guess what, suckers?
My tits are firmer than hers!

Catwoman Selfie

There. Now my pussy will be shown all
over the internet. How original.

Green Lantern and Flash Selfie

Hey, fellas. Our new GL
has one hell of a fine ass!!!!

Batman and Robin Selfie

Where did you get that camera-phone?
This is the 1960's, Robin! They haven't
been invented yet!!
Aquaman Selfie

If you pull another silly face,
Aquaman, I promise I'll get that shark
behind you to bite your balls off
Superman Selfie

If Catwoman can show her pussy,
then I can certainly show mine. 
Harley Quinn Selfie

I love a good beaver shot.
Especially the way it winks back!
I LOVED DC'S 'SELFIE' MONTH I LOVED DC'S 'SELFIE' MONTH Reviewed by David Andrews on September 11, 2014 Rating: 5
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