Lady Behave! Cover Women, eh? You can't live with them, and you can't live without them. Still. What are ya' gonna do? Oh! I know. You can always watch the following 70 minute movie made in 1937. It was Directed by: Lloyd Corrigan; and Starred: Sally Eilers, Neil Hamilton, with Joseph Schildkraut.

Lady Behave!

You've been my lawyer for quite some time now, Burton (Grant Mitchell). And during that time you've always known me to be a very conscientious and level headed lady.

So... let me get one thing straight. Are you seriously trying to tell me that I should pose as my sister? Clarice (Patricia Farr)! Especially since the silly cow has recently married some millionaire one dark and drunken night!

I mean, what would his two children think of this, eh? Despite not meeting their 'new Mum' yet, I bet you anything they won't like the look of me! Also, let's not forget about Clarice's first -- and currently legal -- husband? Michael (Joseph Schildkraut)! Because I'm positive that money grabbing leach will surely see dollar sign's when he eventually discovers his wife has turned into a bigamist!

But then again, that's most probably why what next transpires all gets rather romantic, when I finally get a chance to meet my sisters second husband and say to him, 'Hello, Stephen Cormack (Neil Hamilton). Do you remember me? I'm your new wife: Paula (Sally Eilers)'. As love begins to fill the air - a sister's husband wants to have an affair - two children warm-up to their new Mum - and at the end of the day, a divorce gives passion a well placed kick up the bum.

To be completely honest with you, folks, I've never been a big fan of the 'romantic comedy' sub-genre of production. By and large I normally find this sort of 'formulaic narrative' fairly benign and lackluster to follow. And occasionally I have been known to turn them off because they just aren't my own personal cup of tea. However, after I sat down and watched 'Lady Behave!' I may have to start rethinking my own preconceived perceptions.  

Sally Eilers
Well, in no uncertain terms I sincerely thought this was one hell of a marvelous movie. Not only because it was well acted, well produced, and well conceived. But from my point of view it had that really plucky and dynamic tone that was both suspenseful and funny to spend some time with.

Now on a conceptual level I'd say the basic premise was about a sister trying her best to help out her lush of a sibling, because she mistakenly married another man even though she's currently married to someone else. What's more, the helpful sister in question has to cope with two children who don't like her, plus her siblings gambling husband who wants to cash in on this dilemma.

OK. I know this may sound fairly formulaic and jovial on the surface. And I have to admit, there were a few occasions where I could second guess what was about to come up next. Yet apart from that minor gripe, all in all this was the sort of movie where the arc of each of the characters was fairly relatable in spite of its bumbling plot. For example, you couldn't help but care for Patricia's character because she wants to help out a member of her family. Plus to a certain extent you can say exactly the same thing about the millionaire's two children as well.

Heck, I go so far as to say that this was probably the only time in my life I wanted the guy and the girl to get together, because everyone associated with this flick -- and I do mean everyone -- had that warm and congenial quality I truthfully love and adore.

Lady Behave! Starring Sally Eilers and Joseph Schildkraut

Lady Behave! DVD Sleave
Anyway. I'm sure by now you know what I thought about this very charming slice of cinema.  But what about the facts, eh? Or to be more specific, the following filmic-facts! (1) 'Republic Pictures' first released this production in America on the exact same day Japanese forces attacked the Chinese town of Nanjing. It was on the 22nd of December, 1937. (2) The majority of this movie was shot at Hollywood's 'Republic Studios', situated within the Californian state of Los Angeles. (3) One of the taglines used to promote this picture, was, 'His motto, LIVE, LOVE AND LEARN! Hers, LIVE, LOVE AND SPURN!'. (4) Currently there are two versions of this film available to the public. There is a longer 70 minute international print, plus a more condensed 53 minute American print. (5) This was the last film Lloyd Corrigan ever directed. Afterwards he became an actor and made a noticeable appearance in the 1962 version of 'The Manchurian Candidate', as well as the 1963 comedy classic, 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World'. (6) Joseph Krumgold wrote the original screenplay for this flick, and he's best known for penning such productions as 'Dream No More' and 'The Autobiography of a Jeep'. (7) The music for this movie was composed by Alberto Colombo, and throughout his twenty-five year career devised the musical scores for such adventures as 'The Lone Ranger', 'Prairie Moon', and 'The Arizona Kid'. (8) After this rom-com fell for the producer, Sally Eilers starred in the comedy, 'Everybody's Doing It'; Neil Hamilton starred in the thriller, 'Hollywood Stadium Mystery'; and Joseph Schildkraut starred in the drama, 'The Baroness and the Butler'.

Lady Behave! Starring Sally Eilers and two kids

Overall I'd say 'Lady Behave!' is a very refreshing and jovial take on the 'romantic comedy' sub-genre of film-making. And that's saying something, folks, especially since this well acted and well structured flick was made in 1937!

Now who say's you can't learn from something that has come out before? Hint-Hint! Nuff said.


LADY BEHAVE! (1937) LADY BEHAVE! (1937) Reviewed by David Andrews on September 11, 2014 Rating: 5
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