Termnator On A Motorbike Some of our favorite film characters ride motorcycles. We love the roar of the engine and the people that ride them. Whether they play heroes or villains, we can’t get enough. We all want to be a badass and these characters embody that fully:

Badass bikers

"Judge Dredd" — This futuristic, science fiction thrill ride is an adrenaline rush for all fans. Dredd doesn’t take crap from anyone. He rides a motorcyle while pursuing bad guys and fighting for justice. Represented in a comic strip, a 1995 film starring Sylvester Stallone and a film reboot in 2012, all versions of Judge Dredd kick some serious ass.

"Batman" — Have you seen that crazy motorcycle he rides in "The Dark Knight"? While it may not be a motorcycle that exists in the real world, we all want to try it. Who wouldn’t want to race around Gotham City on that? This film takes the motorcycle and transforms it into something beyond our imagination.

Batman On A Motorbike
"Terminator 2, Judgement Day" — The "Terminator" films are badass and everybody knows it. But one of the best parts of the second film is the motorcycle featured in the film. There is nothing cooler than Arnold riding around, blasting people away on his motorcycle.

"Easy Rider" — If classic motorcycles and stories of freedom, friendship and rebellion in the 1960s is your thing, then you must love "Easy Rider." It is a classic road film that audiences still love. Plus watching Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper ride around on motorcycles is a great time.

"Aeon Flux" — Whether you love the comic, cartoon, video game or the Charlize Theron film, we all love a hot chick on a motorcycle. She might be intimidating but we all wouldn’t mind being on the back of that bike with her. Girls can be badasses too and "Aeon Flux" is the perfect example of this

"Mad Max" — Everything driven in "Mad Max" is badass. The amped up cars, trucks and motorcycles are enviable to anybody who watches the films and wants a piece of the action. Mel Gibson is the coolest, hardest character around and we all wouldn’t mind being him in the post apocalyptic world.

Easy RiderGet your own bike

Face it: we all love motorcycles and the badass film characters that ride them. Just because you haven’t ridden one before, doesn’t mean you can’t. Motorcycles are for anyone. You don’t have to be a badass like Judge Dredd or Batman to ride one but it will certainly help you look like one.

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