Harry Potter Art In the magic of the wizarding world created by author J.K. Rowling, young protagonist Harry Potter is on a journey to overcome the dark lord, Voldemort, using his magical abilities and aptitude for adventure. In the book series, each witch and wizard who is actively learning or performing magic needs one very important tool: a wand.

The wand lore created though Rowling’s seven part novel series has more behind it than a few simple sticks with magical powers. By pairing each character with a specific wand, Rowling created greater significance and symbolism in her epic tale. By looking at the historical facts and types of wood behind each wand, deeper and more significant meaning can be drawn from the popular story of Harry Potter.

Dirty Harry PotterWand Wood and History
While many readers of the Harry Potter series admire author J.K. Rowling as a creative genius and imaginative writer, one of the most exciting parts of Rowling’s writing is that it is not all from her own imagination at all; rather, much of her writing is based on historical study and research. Throughout all seven novels, details about magic wands are divulged including the materials and origin. Each magic wand contains a magical core with a wooden casing. In creating a magic wand for main characters Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Albus Dumbledore, Rowling turned to ancient Celtic tree astrology to make each wood type more fitting for the character to which it was assigned.

Holly and Phoenix Feather
Harry Potter, born on July 31, was born in the Celtic month of Holly wood. Fittingly, his wand was made of holly and phoenix feather. According to Celtic astrology, Holly personalities display great leadership skills, have the ability to overcome tasking obstacles, and while they may appear arrogant to some, actually possess great confidence in their abilities. It is no mistake that J.K. Rowling chose holly for the wand of her protagonist, Harry, who is known as a leader and “The Chosen One” to many characters in the book.

Harry Potter 3D
Vine and Dragon Heartstring
One of the strongest supporting characters in the novels, Hermoine Granger, was born on the 19th day of September. When looking at the Celtic tree astrology calendar, Hermione’s birthdate falls under the description of Vine. Her wand, made of vine wood and dragon heartstring, serves her well through the novels as she excels in all of her classes and becomes well versed in spells and charms. In correlation with her Celtic astrology sign, Hermione displays a high level of class, sophistication, and poise, despite her lack of wizard heritage.

Elder and Thestral Tail Hair
While Albus Dumbledore’s date of birth is never disclosed in the Harry Potter series, his wand correlates with one of the months on the Celtic tree calendar as well; Elder. The Elder wand, sometimes called the Deathstick, is legendary as a wand that can never be defeated. In connection with the sign of the Celtic sign of the Elder tree, Albus Dumbledore a quirky and philosophical side. 

When it comes to J.K. Rowling’s astoundingly successful and widely creative novel series Harry Potter, it turns out the wood and history behind each wand is significant and important to the plot and character profiles in the books.