Supergirl Cosplay She’s one of the most powerful superheroes of all times. She’s gorgeous, pretty, and has plenty of attitude and style, so we find it pretty hard to imagine that there’s not a single man on the planet who wouldn’t jump at the chance to date Supergirl. Cool, hip, and totally independent, we’re surprised they’re not queuing round the block as we speak…

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Here at Lovestruck.com, we like to match people with their perfect partners, so we have put our heads together and come up with a few essential must-haves for any suitor of the red-caped girl in tights:

Superman and Supergirl
It’s gotta be Superman, right? Eeeeow, no! Superman is Supergirl’s cousin and she’s friends with a whole load of other supers, so meeting her nearest and dearest might be interesting. Her adoptive parents Fred and Edna Danvers are really nice though -- we reckon flowers and chocolates will go down a treat.

A kick-ass attitude: Supergirl, aka Kara Zor-El, is going to need someone with as much balls as her. She’s seriously cocky and feisty, so might need taking down a peg or two if the relationship is going to last.

A competitive type: Anyone Supergirl dates is going to have to face up from competition in the shape of Thor, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Aqua Man and The Flash, who will want to sweep her off her feet, in literally, a millisecond.

SupergirlA fit body: She’s slim, powerful and seriously athletic, so any man of Supergirl’s is gonna need to match up, look good in tight Lycra, and not mind being outlived (Supergirl has GREAT genes).

A pet lover: Supergirl is devoted to her two pets: Streaky the Supercat, who also has super powers, plus Comet the Superhorse, who was once a centaur in ancient Greece. Top tip: Don’t get on Streaky’s bad side if you want the romance to work -- he has super-strength, super-vision, super-speed and human level intelligence. Gulp! We’re guessing it might take more than a can of Felix to win him over.

A caring profession: We can see Supergirl dating a kind and caring doctor type, with a good moral sense of what’s right and wrong. After all, like Superman she fights good over evil, rescues victims of awful crimes and stops imminent crises in their tracks. It could work like this: Supergirl could do the rescuing; her man could do the patching up.

 Streaky the SupercatA steady type: Supergirl’s time on Earth has been full of confusion, manipulation and frustration, so she needs a solid pipe-and-slippers kind of guy to balance out here dramas. Are you the sort that likes a mug of coca before bedtime? Perfect!

Brilliant brains: Her list of superpowers is as long as our arm, ranging from X-Ray vision and super breath, to superhuman stamina and speed, you’re gonna need some serious brains, so at least you can beat her at the crossword.

Do you think Supergirl is the hottest superhero in the comic world? What other qualities might a potential date need to attract her? Tell us @lovestruck