Come one. Come all. And let's meet the newest member of the Justice League by picking up the following comic book Created by: Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins, and Published by DC Comics in October, 2014. Trust me, folks. This new member has a right fresh ring about her. A power ring.

To QUOTE Superman Quoting Albert Einstein: 'Only a life lived for others is worth living'.

Whilst reading this comic book I've learned the following seven facts about the Justice League. (1) You can't trust Captain Cold. (2) Lex Luthor is a bit of a prick. (3) The Flash is surprisingly knowledgeable about Power Rings. (4) Batman and Superman don't trust Lex. (5) Wonder Woman doesn't have hair underneath her armpits. (6) Shazam is a big kid at heart. And (7) It takes up to twenty-four hours for Cyborg to be upgraded.  

Now I know I could tell you more about what went on in this issue, folks. But come off it. If I did that, a mysterious figure tapping on Lex's window might kick my f*cking face in. Hint-hint!

Essentially this issue of the Justice League stages three different scenario's on one level playing field. Now the first scenario relates to Lex Luthors jovial involvement with certain League members, mainly Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. The second scenario is about the Flash advising Jessica Cruz on controlling her power ring. Whereas the third scenario comprised of three noticeable cameo appearances made by Shazam, Cyborg, and Captain Cold.

Of course, with me being a big Bat fan -- as well as an avid devotee to situations full of personality -- I preferred spending my time with the Lex Luthor segment of this story-line, even though the Flash segment did come a close second place. What's more, I have to applaud how this tale kept on teasing us with what is yet to come. In fact, this teasing tone became so-so apparent, at times it became too much too soon, and...

Without giving too much away the one thing I wasn't too keen on about this adventure was how it started off and eventually concluded. Well, in no uncertain terms at either end of the spectrum a revelation was revealed, and this -- even though very captivating to read -- kind of sign posted the beginning of the end for a certain aspect of this book. Hint-hint!

Also, as much as I did like the look of Scott Kolins' artwork, on occasion I found some of his illustrations fairly flat on the page, and very sparse in detail and design.

Now there was a great scene in this tale where Wonder Woman tried to make Lexy-boy see the good side of humanity. And soon as I read it, I suddenly thought of the following song to musically match it up with. So it's over to you Michael Jackson, with 'Heal the World'. Go on. Make it a better place.

In a round about way this adventure acted like a pariah for things yet to come. So I tell you what. How about I compare it to just that. A pariah. Or to be more specific about it, Pariah from the now classic 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'!

Well, have you seen him around lately?  

At the very end of this issue it was revealed who will be helping Lex out with his cunning plan. So just for fun -- maybe -- can you guess who it is out of the following eight suspects?

  1. Super Woman -- so she can get her revenge on the League for locking her up in prison
  2. Lady Gaga -- so she can get her revenge on Miley Cyrus for stealing her spotlight.
  3. Martian Manhunter -- so he can get his revenge on his former Stormwatch team-mates for wiping his mind.
  4. Lindsay Lohan -- so she can get her revenge on herself for ruining her own career.
  5. Simon Cowell -- so he can start his new reality television series for super heroes called 'Real Heroes'.
  6. Owl Man -- so he can free Super Woman and his unborn child.
  7. Barry Manilow -- so he can make a tax free come-back.
  8. Plastic Man -- so he can make his way back into the New 52 like the Crime Syndicate did previously.

Nuff said. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE #34 JUSTICE LEAGUE #34 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 16, 2014 Rating: 5
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