Now all a person ever needs in life is a gun, their wits, and a pretty decent travelling companion to while away the day with. And if you can't get your hand's on a pretty decent travelling companion, then I suggest the following comic book Created by: David Morrell, Jonathan Marks, and Published by Marvel in September, 2014.

To QUOTE The Elephant Man: 'I am not a animal, I am a human being'.

Now I've learnt the following four facts about Logan whilst reading this issue of 'Savage Wolverine'. (1) A group of mercenaries have been hired to kill him. (2) He doesn't react too well to non-prescription medication. (3) Wolves just love him, and are more than willing to share their food with him too. (4) Never piss his off unless you want to be chopped to bits.

And on that note, my friends, the moral to this story is men aren't like animals, they're more like politicians. They'll do anything to stay alive.

Essentially this is one of those stories which try's to hypothesise that Logan is some sort of savage yet noble creature. Granted, on the surface it's about a group of mercenaries that are trying to kill him. Underneath that, though, it's as I said -- a hypothesis -- and something that I did like and didn't like for two very specific reasons.

Now on the good side of things, yeah, I have to admit. I didn't mind Jonathan Marks' very scratchy looking style of artwork, as well as how David Morrell's story-line made me sympathise with Logan's plight. Going so far as to actually cheer him on when the bad-guys eventually killed one of his pals! But on the bad side of things...

Why were the bad-guys chasing after Logan at all? Plus why wasn't this explained properly within context of the overall narrative?

OK. I more than understand that he must have pissed someone off during his travels? Yet who was that person, and why did he hire a bunch of no-name mercs to do his bidding for him?

Also, as much as I did like the concept behind this stand-alone story-line -- that of a comparison between man and beast -- I afraid to say I've seen this concept played out many-many times before. So it wasn't that original to my somewhat jaded point of view.

On a conceptual level this issue explores Wolverines animal like qualities, whilst at the same time highlighting that some animals can be much more humane then human beings. And to me, nothing says 'animal side' more than Les Baxter's main theme-tune for the movie, ''The Beast Within'.

No matter what way you look at it, this adventure is basically trying to tell us that Wolverine is some sort of brutal yet caring animal.  So with that in mind, dear reader, how can I not compare it to the grizzled television star of yesteryear, Gentle Ben?

Ohh! Bless him. Isn't he just cute?

At the very end of this issue Wolverine does something to his attackers that's so-so mean, I want to see if you to guess what it is out of the following eight scenarios.

  1. Recites to them the complete works of William Shakespeare whilst they're strapped down to a chair.
  2. Slowly feeds to them little pieces of their own person -- if you catch my drift.
  3. Twerks upon their riffles in a very provocative manner.
  4. Hacks them to pieces.
  5. Uses them as a footstool whilst he inspects the sewer for old X-Factor contestants.
  6. Explains to them how this whole 'Death Of Wolverine' event is nothing more than a way for Marvel to make more money.
  7. Hits them repetitively around the face with a stick of sh*t.
  8. Nothing.

Nuff said. 

SAVAGE WOLVERINE #23 SAVAGE WOLVERINE #23 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 08, 2014 Rating: 5
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