In order for DC Comics to give their November themed 'Lego Month' some form of street cred, they decided to ask their creators to develop something urban and original. So that is why Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo took it upon themselves to bust a cap in yo-ass, you mo-foe... Word!

To QUOTE Langston Hughes: 'Humor is laughing at what you haven't got when you ought to have it'.

Now who do you think would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? Or to be more specific about it, who do you think would win in a fight between a 'jokerized' Superman and a desperate Batman?

Answer? Nobody. Not the League. Not the Pennyworths. Not the insurance companies. And definitely not that man who's hiding in Arkham Asylum disguised as somebody else. You know the man, I'm sure. You can see him in back-feature too, taunting some poor cow into killing her own family.

What was his name again? Damn it. I know it began with a letter 'J'! Mr J?

Try to imagine you've run for at least ten minutes, non-stop, and suddenly you get a quick burst of energy that finally takes you over the finishing line. You got that? Good. Cause in very real terms that is precisely what I felt about this marvellous comic book. It was exhilarating to follow. It was heart-pounding to read. And all in all it was like a quick burst of energy that took the narrative over the finishing line.

Honestly, dear reader. I'd say at the moment most of the Bat books are in really good shape. This one in particular out of the bunch! What with great story-lines written by Scott Snyder, and with amazing artwork drawn by Greg Capullo, there is nothing in his tale I can complain about whatsoever. Not even the fact that Batman managed to overpower Superman, or how 'Mr J' was hiding in plain sight all along.

As a matter a fact the only bad thing I can say about this book is how difficult it is to review! I mean, you just try to explain how you liked.... coff-coff... without saying what... coff-coff... actually is? It isn't very easy you know.

Ha! Now I know what it must feel like to be in Graham Nolan's and James Tynion's shoes. Even though they did a memorable job in creating a back-up feature about a crazy housewife killing her own family, in the same breath it's difficult to compare it to the main part of the tale.

Ouch! Couldn't have been easy on them!

The only thing about this issue I didn't like was the fact that... that... that... errr? No. That was alright as it goes! How about that other scene where the thing... did... that... thing.... hmmm? Oh! One minute. I got something else. No. No I don't. I got nothing else. This issue was flawless. Damn it.

On a conceptual level this adventure was about a hero finding someone who keeps on laughing at him. So with that in mind, it's over to you Jesse J, with your quizzical pop-ditty, 'Who's Laughing Now'.

If you haven't seen the Jokers new maker-over yet, let me just say his 'updated look' does kind of remind me of this month's comic book comparison.  Fairly strange to look at. Not sure if it will last the distance or not. Yet thankfully it's endearing enough to stay another day.

Marilyn Manson. You look like a git.

Now there was a part of this issue where Batman discovered that someone who once worked at Arkham Asylam was actually the Joker in disguise. So just for fun, can you guess who this person is out of the following eight suspects?

  1. Doctor Brian Barricade -- A Doctor Stationed At Arkham.
  2. Professor Simon Railing -- A Professor Professing At Arkham.
  3. Herman Hendry Hedge -- The Gardner Who Weeds At Arkham.
  4. Reverent Travis Stumbling-Block -- A Priest Who Praises At Arkham.
  5. Mr Eric Border -- An Arkham Orderly.
  6. Ms Agnes Fence -- A Receptionist Playing Book Clerk At Arkham.
  7. Gonzo Roadblock The Third -- An Idiot Playing With Himself At Arkham.
  8. Paris Hilton -- Oh, P*ss Off! You're Having A Laugh, aren't ya?

Nuff said.

BATMAN #36 BATMAN #36 Reviewed by David Andrews on November 24, 2014 Rating: 5
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