In the month of October, 2014, DC Comics will garnish their covers with a monstrous piece of artwork. So that is why I'm now going to stand up, scratch my nuts, and do what I normally do best. Take the Mick. Have a laugh. Poke some fun. Jab a jive. Grab a Granny.You know. The usual thing. Yet directed towards DC's monster themed cover month.

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Some People Wear Their Hearts On
There Sleeve. Where As I Wear My
Stomach In My Mouth

Hey, Guys. I Think We Should Pull
The Plug On This Pose.
Come On. It's Starting To Hertz.

Now This Is What Would Happen
If Tim Burton Directed The
New Justice League Movie

Excuse me! But Can Someone Direct
Us Far Away From The Disco
Version Of Hell, Please?

This Is What Would Happen If
A Stoned Tim Burton Directed
A New Earth 2 Movie

Alright. So Which One Of You
B*tches Replaced The Normal
Light-Bulb With A Green One?

I'm Smiling Because The Big Yellow
Monster On My Back Promised Me
Free Dental Work

Damn. I've Done It Again. I've Slept
 With Killer Frost And She's Given
Me The Flu.

Eat Your Heart Out, Bela Lugosi.
Not Literary Of Course.
I'm Not Sick.

This City Will Burn, I Tell You. Burn!
Unless Someone Can Tell Me
Where I Left My Purple Eye-Phone
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