Now what's faster than lightning? More powerful than the Oprah Winfrey Show? And has the ability to jump Simon Cowell's ego in a single bound? Errr? Nothing I suppose. Still. It doesn't matter. Just as long as we can read the following comic book everything will turn out for the best. It was Created by: Mark Waid, Chris Samnee; and Published by Marvel in December, 2014.

To QUOTE Paul Walker: 'I wish I could be behind the wheel for every stunt'.

Many years ago George Smith was a hard-working motor cycle enthusiast called 'The Stunt Master', who eventually managed to built-up a great reputation both on the circuit and on the television. However, because of the amount of physical abuse he took along the way, over time he reluctantly had to sell his title to a pharmaceutical company.

No. This wasn't a good idea. Was it, folks? And do you want to know why it wasn't a good idea? It's because the company in question gave his name to some young punk -- real name unknown -- who's in the process of shaming George's once proud status with his daredevil antics.

Yeah. That's right. I said 'Daredevil'. As that's where our pal Matt comes into play. You see, one dusky morn after a fairly honest book writing session, George approaches Matt so he can sort out this mess for him in a legal capacity. Well, when I say 'mess'. It starts off as a mess and then it turns into a catastrophe wrapped up in a face off and a hostage situation.   

Wink-wink! Say no more. To be continued...

Wow! What an amazing issue of Daredevil that was to read. Honestly, comic book pals. In no uncertain terms I'd say this story-line had it all. It had greatly expressive artwork provided by Chris Samnee. It had an evolving and old school styled tale provided by Mark Waid. Plus to top it all off, it had bikers, jovial comradeship, mad-cap stunts, accompanied by an idiot I can't wait to see get his comeuppance in a couple of issues time.

But before that transpires, please allow me to say what I loved about this issue the most. You see, to me dear reader, essentially this adventure was about an over the hill stuntman who needs to win back his reputation with some help from Matt. Yet of course, Matt being Matt, he will only help him out if there's a modicum of validity to his case -- which there is in part. A part in which he took quite some time deriving at, mainly due to the jovial path this story took to get there.

Well, let's face it. This is a Mark Waid story. And as a Mark Waid story I am always guarantied a handful of jokes, a lot of characterisation, plus a path -- a not too tried and tested path -- that is generally very original in it's approach.

This time round, though, the approach in question was fairly simple to follow, and was full of all the aforementioned factors with an additional play on 'stereotypical' taglines plus a Hawkeye reference. Smashing.

Now how am I going to tell you what I didn't like about this adventure without spoiling the surprise? Oh! I know. Try to imagine a revelation that didn't seem to fit right within the confines of this adventure. Then after that, try to imagine why this reveal didn't feel right when it's finally revealed that the initial reveal isn't really a true reveal.

OK. I hope you got all that. If not. Pick up this issue for more details, Ha! Dead man walking, Hint-Hint!

Basically this book was about bad-men, motorcycles, and people running around like head-less chickens. So as I can't find a song about a head-less chicken, why don't I musically match-up this adventure with the Steppenwolf classic, 'Born To Be Wild'. Rock on, baby. Rock On!!!!!

Ka-pow! After listening to that heart-pounding song I can't help but compare this comic to something equally appropriate.

Evel Knievel / The Stunt Master / Same difference to me.

There was a jovial sequence at the start of this book where Matt told a lie to Kirsten and Foggy about Hawkeye. So just for fun -- maybe -- let's see if you can spot what it is out of the following eight options?

  1. Hawkeye is in fact Green Arrow in disguise.
  2. Hawkeye never kisses a girl on the lips because he's allergic to lips.
  3. Hawkeye is allergic to Mick Jagger because of his aforementioned lip allergy.
  4. Hawkeye will only listen to Britney Spears music under the influence of drugs.
  5. Hawkeye has a glass jaw, and it was once punched by Daredevil during battle.
  6. Hawkeye gave himself his 'superhero name' after being impressed by an Ornithological optometrist.
  7. Hawkeye is called Hawkeye because 'Man In The Purple And Blue Suit Who Fires Arrows' was already copyrighted by DC Comics.
  8. Hawkeye once mistook Black Cat for Black Panther after listening to three hours worth of Britney Spears music.

Nuff said. 

DAREDEVIL #11 DAREDEVIL #11 Reviewed by David Andrews on January 15, 2015 Rating: 5
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