Do you know what I decided to do when I heard the news Darwyn Cooke agreed to produce the cover art for DC Comics? No. I didn't take off all my clothes and recite the French national anthem in German, silly. After all, I don't know any of the words. What I did instead was to sit down in a dark-cold room and put down my feelings for his wares in the following jovial post. Here. Check it out and see for yourself.  

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I said it once, and I will say it again, I will
never, never, smile for the camera. No
matter how many times the Flash flashes me.

OK. So I might be the fastest man alive, but
do you know how much it costs to buy a
decent pair of running shoes in today's climate?

Wait up! Is this the new HQ for my rogues
gallery? Or have I eaten too much cheese
before falling asleep back at the Manor?

Quickly team! Head that way if you want to
watch a cute puppy having sex with a
chainsaw and a piranha.

I wanted to save their planet. Honestly I did.
But when they started to criticize my costume,
my hair-style, plus the way I talk....

There-there, Master Bruce. You've had enough
cheese so you can now go to sleep. That
way it'll be easier for me to steal your blanket.

Diana? How come your purple apples taste
like your mothers groin?

Oh no! Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears
want to do a duet together!!!

I wonder if he's noticed that I've just farted?
Probably not. He smells of fish anyway.

I don't think of stealing as theft. I think of it as
paying homage to someone else's property.

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