January is Flash-month at DC Comics. And like all good flashers, Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato, and Joshua Middleton decided to commemorate this event by taking out their tackle and then showing it to the public. So go on. Join in. And show the world of fishing what they have in store.

To QUOTE Fidel Castro: 'A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past'.

He's done it. Anarchy has finally done it. Somehow he's managed to wipe the slate clean so everyone living in Gotham City are on a level playing field.

Financially speaking, of course!

But having said that, my friends! Who is Anarchy? My money's on Councilman Sam Young, although he denies all knowledge when questioned by Lieutenant Harvey Bullock. Where as my next bet would be on the tech-head, Lonnie Machin, even if he is helping out Matches Malone with his investigations on Anarchy.

Wait a minute! You do know who Matches Malone is, don't you? It's Batman's alter-ego. The same alter-ego he slips out of when he gets accused of murder!!!

To be continued...

In my eyes this issue of 'Detective Comics' had everything it needed to make one hell of an amazing book. For instance, it had an evolving and self deprecating temperament pertaining to the 'have' and 'have not's' of this world. It also had an adventurous premise which paid homage to such films as 'Fight Club' and 'V for Vendetta'. Plus to top it all off, it had some very atmospheric and gutsy visuals drawn by Brian Buccellato, who likewise had a very noir-ish edge to his wares.

Yet having said that, dear reader! Do you know what I loved about this issue the most apart from Francis' story on Brian's art? To me, it was the inclusion of two of my most favorite comic book characters, Matches Malone and Lonnie Machin, because it was very nice to see them back again, and I can't wait to find out what they have in store for us in the near future. 

I mean, who do you think Anarchy is? Could it be this Sam bloke or could it be our ever loving Mister Machin? And while I'm on the topic of our Lonnie, I wonder what he and 'Matches' were going on about pertaining to a past incarceration and an unknown tale?

Hmm? Food for thought. Isn't it?

On the whole I'd say there were only two things that let this story-line down. The first one was to do with the color of Anarchy's hood being green and not red. Nah! I didn't like that at all. As it makes him seem more like a Marvel character than a DC character! Where as my second slight gripe was how the end sequence was relayed on the page.

Well, from the way 'this event' played out I felt that it came across rather abruptly when you compare it to what came out previously. Almost as if this sequence of events was some way of ending this adventure on a cliff-hanger. A confusing and rather brazen cliff-hanger that tonally felt wedged into these proceedings just for the sake of shock value.

Know what I mean?

If you took any notice of my previous Fidel Castro quote, then I'm sure you probably have a pretty good idea why I'm musically matching up this comic to the Beatles song, 'Revolution'. Rock on, baby! Rock on!!!!

At the beginning of this tale the character of Anarchy gave out a lot of Guy Fawkes styled facial masks so the general public could feel free to join in with his shenanigans. And so -- surprise-surprise -- that is why I'm going to compare this adventure to a bucket of potatoes.

No. I'm just kidding. For obvious reasons I'm going to compare it to a Guy Fawkes styled facial mask.

At the very end of this book, Batman finds himself in a very tough spot. So just for fun -- I hope -- can you guess what it is out of the following seven scenarios?

  1. Batman is left without any clothes on after encountering a hoard of sex-starved housewife's. New series coming soon from NBC.
  2. Batman is exfoliated and defrosted by a member of the Royal family with big ears. Can you guess who?
  3. Batman is trying his best to add a little color to his outfit, yet for some strange reason he decided to pick pink and green. Clashing colors. Racist. 
  4. Batman is accused of killing a thug on the street. New series coming soon from the BBC.
  5. Batman is seen taking a dump in the middle of the pavement / sidewalk (delete as applicable).
  6. Batman is left carrying a small monkey with a big cock. Or 'male hen' if you prefer!
  7. Batman is what he is and nobody wants to say otherwise. See if I care, darling!

Nuff said. 

DETECTIVE COMICS #38 DETECTIVE COMICS #38 Reviewed by David Andrews on January 26, 2015 Rating: 5
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