Gates of Midnight Cover Kymera Press publishes comics that are written and drawn by women, to be loved and cherished by folks of all sexes. We know there's a lot of female talent out there that's not being tapped, yet the gates are wide open with us. Now our first comic book series is Gates of Midnight, an edgy supernatural thriller that pulls readers into a dark world where monsters and ancient gods come and go, leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. 

No matter where you live on this planet, there are stories of direct confrontations with frightening apparitions or inexplicable monsters. From as far back as we have written records there have been reports of people and animals being killed, terrorized or influenced by beings that appear and disappear like magic.

Gates of Midnight ArtworkThis series alleges that it is mankind's acts of extraordinary violence that have ripped open gates between our world and the world where these mythological creatures live. Some come through to ravage and leave; others come to hide among us, enacting their plans, whether monstrous or benign, in a more methodical fashion.

Set in the urban landscape of New York, the series explores the question of who are the real monsters--the things that come through the gate, or us. Its stars are the kick-ass heroine, Raven Moon, a combat medic recently returned from Afghanistan, and a handsome, enigmatic hero, Alex Atkins, who looks human, but is oh so much more.

Developed by "New York Times Notable Mystery" writer Barbara Hambly and D. Lynn Smith as a television pilot, adapted to comic form by television writer D. Lynn Smith, and drawn and inked by Amelia Woo, the artist who brought Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thomson series to life in graphic novel form, Gates of Midnight is the inaugural publication of Kymera Press, one of the few woman-owned comic book publishers in the industry.

Gates of Midnight ArtworkThe fastest growing demographic in comic readership is women. Comixology reports that 20 percent of its readers are women, up from 5 percent in previous years. And yet women artists and creators are underutilized in the business.

Founder D. Lynn Smith said, "I founded Kymera Press and hired women to help me create Gates of Midnight, because I saw so few women on the podiums at conventions. I want to create a company that supports women artists and creators, as well as encourages diversity".

So of course, Gates of Midnight was created entirely by women. Every facet of production, from writing to lettering was done by a woman.

Join Kymera Press in celebrating comics and the women who adore them. And to those who keep telling us an all-woman team is bound to fail, we say, "We're not asking for permission ..."

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